Most Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

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No state has more pedestrian accidents than California, and the Golden State bears a mortality rate that’s 255 higher than the national average. In  2018, 893 pedestrians were hit and killed by automobiles on California roadways, a 26% increase from 2014.

This bad problem is getting worse, and pedestrian accident lawyers in Newport Beach are working overtime to try to handle all the pedestrian lawsuits against drivers who hit them. Anyone who is hit by a car while crossing the street is entitled to financial compensation unless they clearly jumped in front of the car on purpose.

Even though you can get paid after a pedestrian accident, you should avoid them at all costs.

Drivers and pedestrians both need to work to avoid these kinds of accidents. Getting hit by a car can be injurious and even deadly, leaving your family members to pick up the pieces. Certain kinds of people are more susceptible to pedestrian collisions, which our accident injury lawyers detail below.

Risk Factors by Demographic

Seniors are more at risk regarding pedestrian accidents, in fact, people over the age of 65 accounted for 20% of all pedestrian deaths and 10% of all pedestrian injuries in 2017.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, children are understandably at a high risk for pedestrian accidents. Children are less aware of their surroundings, and they can fall victim to drivers who fail to react in time.

Those living in urban areas are also more likely to be involved in a pedestrian collision, which can be partially blamed for California’s high pedestrian accident rates. In a densely populated area, like any city along the coast, more people means more cars, and this is a recipe for a crash.

In terms of job occupation, certain careers put people near roadways more often than others. Construction workers hold the statistic for the most dangerous occupation, and this is partially because they work near roadways, often at night, which leaves them at risk for a collision with a vehicle.

Crossing the Street

Most pedestrians are hit while crossing the street, so it’s crucial for both pedestrians and drivers to use caution at intersections and crosswalks.

Cross streets at a designated crosswalk or intersection whenever possible because cars are looking out for pedestrians when they approach these areas. Pedestrians have the right of way at designated crosswalks, which have white reflective stripes and a sign warning drivers of potential pedestrians. If a car hits you while you are at a crosswalk, you have a clear case for financial compensation and you should document what happened and contact a personal injury attorney immediately.

If you were crossing at a random point in the street, you are jaywalking, and this is significantly more dangerous. California is a shared fault state, so getting hit by a car while jaywalking will significantly complicate your claim to compensation. The defense will argue that you share liability for the accident because you chose to act negligently by not waiting until an intersection or crosswalk to cross the roadway.

Alcohol and Drug Use

Alcohol use plays a part in almost half of all reported pedestrian collisions. Our accident attorneys frequently hear stories of drunk drivers hitting and killing pedestrians. On top of that, pedestrians are more likely to act recklessly or negligently if they’ve been drinking.

Drinking on both the driver and pedestrian side increases the risk of an accident.

Similar to driving while intoxicated, distracted driving also contributes to accidents. In all of these situations, your reaction time is slowed and you are less likely to notice someone walking in front of your car, especially if they are wearing dark or neutral colors.

Poor Visibility

Poor visibility is a huge contributor to pedestrian accidents. You are more likely to get hit by a car if you are out walking or running at night or during poor weather conditions.

Not being able to see well increases the chance that a driver will not realize the proximity of a pedestrian until too late, if they see them at all.

To limit this issue, drivers should always use their headlights when driving at night and in the rain. Pedestrians should wear brightly colored and/or reflective clothing to increase visibility. Colors such as orange, yellow, and white are perfect for seeing in the dark. If you don’t want to renew your wardrobe, you can buy a yellow, reflective traffic vest to wear over your clothes.

Contacting an Attorney

At Accident Lawyers Firm, our motto is “we’re here to help you heal,” and this means supporting our clients from the day of the accident to the day compensation in deposited into their bank account. We fight for the highest settlement so that our clients have enough money to recover from the accident in comfort.

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Pain and Suffering

Depending on how hard you were knocked toward the pavement, you may find yourself in great physical pain and thus be unable to enjoy your day-to-day life. Whether this is from broken bones, a back injury, or brain injury suffered when falling to the ground, it will be important for your claim that your lawyer clearly states the source of pain and injuries. Since this area can sometimes be difficult to prove in court. Official reports from emergency medical care will support your claims, if you were assessed right after getting struck. An attorney that specializes in pedestrian accidents in Newport Beach will rely on expert witnesses who can testify on your behalf.

Property Damage

While you were walking along the road, you may have had various personal possessions with you, such as a smartphone or other items. If you did and they were damaged due to the accident, you are entitled to seek compensation for this property damage when filing your lawsuit. Because of this, always try to have a careful accounting of whatever items you had with you at the time of the accident, as well as their approximate value. 

Punitive Damages

In cases where gross negligence took place, such as if you were struck by a drunk or distracted driver, the court may choose to award you punitive damages in an effort to punish those responsible for the accident. While these damages apply to only those cases where the most egregious negligence or carelessness takes place, it is nevertheless something your hit-and-run accident lawyers should seek on your behalf. By doing so, they can often help sway a judge or jury in your favor, as well as help you obtain additional compensation for your injuries.

Whether it was a driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs, distracted by their cell phone, or a person who would not keep their dog under control, these and other actions should always be dealt with appropriately in court. Therefore, schedule an immediate consultation with pedestrian accident lawyers to discuss your accident in greater detail.