Cruise Ship Lawsuits

Settlements for Slip and Fall Cases on Cruises

You go on a cruise for 24/7 lodging, accommodations, relaxation, and fun. When you step foot on a cruise, almost all of which are all-inclusive, you are whisked away to places like Aruba, Hawaii, the Bahamas, and Canada while you focus on activities like swimming and sunbathing.However, the fact that cruise ships venture into international waters makes them much riskier than people are led to believe. Multiple things can go wrong when you’re in an unfamiliar vessel floating on the water: slip and falls on wet floors from high waves; infections from poorly cleaned pools; worsened injuries due to medical malpractice; assaults from staff who didn’t have to undergo background checks.

Many don’t even realize how many people go missing or die on cruise ships each year, as 300 people have gone overboard and drowned since 2000. The numbers don’t seem high, but they’re disturbing when you consider the fact that passengers have little to no control over the actions of the crew and most ships don’t have detectives or police officers on board.

If you’ve suffered an injury on a cruise ship, getting compensation will be difficult but the injury attorneys of Accident Lawyers Firm can help you sue the cruise ship company for their negligence.

Who is Liable If I Fall on a Cruise?

Who is the defendant in your lawsuit if you fall off a balcony, staircase, railing, or on an unsafe surface on the ship? You can actually sue the company behind the cruise, whether it’s Carnival Cruise Lines, Wyndham Vacations, Disney Cruises, or Emerald Waterways.

The company assumes all responsibility for the vessel they make money off of and the staff who help tend to the passengers. They should be maintaining the ship and hiring staff who are equipped to deal with passengers in an adequate and safe manner.

Cruise ships are usually self-insured, so it’s impossible for you to file a claim with their insurance. You have no choice but to hire an accident injury attorney if you want compensation of your medical bills and other damages.

Gathering Evidence for Your Cruise Ship Injuries

When you are injured on a cruise ship, you should first seek emergency medical attention. The cruise ship likely won’t have a full hospital ward or doctor’s office, but they should have a small clinic that can administer first aid. Make sure to get a form filled out by whoever tended to your injuries providing insight into how you are injured.

Once you get off the cruise ship, you should go to a doctor on land. They will make a medical report of your injuries, and our property injury lawyers can compare the two to see if you received adequate medical care on board the ship. This is the first set of evidence you should gather.

Another crucial piece of evidence to prove your claim is witnesses. The best witness is a security camera, but many ships do not have them throughout the vessel. If people saw you fall you should take down their contact information so that you can contact them later to get a statement. If you made friends on the cruise, you can also contact them to see if they can testify to the inadequate standards on the ship, making them important even if they didn’t see the accident.

Can I Hire a Car Crash Lawyer to Handle My Cruise Ship Injury Suit?

Injury cases with cruise ships are much more complicated than the traditional traffic accident, as you aren’t dealing with a single person or their insurance company. Instead, the cruise ship company will have a team of defense attorneys to fight against your claim.

That’s why you should hire the cruise ship injury attorneys of Accident Lawyers Firm. We’ll focus on the legalities of your accident while you focus on healing. Contact us for a free case review of your cruise ship premises liability claim.