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In-Store Slip And Fall Accidents

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Whether you are shopping in a large store such as Walmart or a local independent retailer, you assume once you walk through their front door the surroundings inside will be safe. In fact, any business inviting the public to come inside has an obligation to do everything possible to keep customers safe. Thus, when slip and fall accidents happen in these settings, the question of liability always comes to the forefront. While many victims think these cases are simple to win, that is not always the case. Due to the variety of factors that can come into play in these situations, it is always recommended you work with a personal injury lawyer in Newport Beach who is experienced with slip and fall accident cases.

Maintaining Safe Premises
For any business that is open to the public, it has a legal obligation to use reasonable means to provide a safe setting for its customers. Thus, when a slip and fall accident takes place, the victim and their Newport Beach slip and fall attorney may be able to point to many factors that led to the accident. For example, snow and ice may have been allowed to accumulate in the doorway or on an aisle. In other situations, victims may have tripped over a frayed floor mat or items that were left in the aisle by a store employee. In some situations, the store may have poor lighting in an area, or failed to replace a burned-out-light that made an area darker than it normally would have been, ultimately causing the accident. Whatever the reason, victims in these situations should always turn to slip and fall accident lawyers Newport Beach residents know have the experience and knowledge to win these cases.

Holding the Store Liable for Damages
Whenever a person slips and falls in a business, they assume they have a case that will be winnable in court. However, there are many factors that come into play when these accidents occur. For example, the store or business can be held responsible for the unsafe conditions if it did something to create the unsafe environment, such as using very slippery wax on a floor. In other instances, if the business knew of potentially unsafe conditions but failed to remedy the situation in any way, liability may be possible against them. This may occur if a store knew of a spill in an aisle yet took no actions to clean it up, block it off, or place warning signs nearby to alert unsuspecting customers. Since these cases can become quite complex, victims of these accidents should always turn to slip and fall lawyers Newport Beach clients know have a track record of success winning these cases.

Customer Responsibility
When a customer slips and falls in a store, it is imperative they remember that while the store has a certain level of responsibility in these situations, they do as well. Thus, when pursuing legal action, the injured customer and their personal injury lawyer in Newport Beach will need to prove the conditions that led to the slip and fall were not so obvious that a reasonable person could not have taken steps to avoid the potentially unsafe conditions. Thus, should a customer trip over a large display in the middle of an aisle, the store can defend itself by saying the display was in plain view and easily avoidable. Due to the many legal arguments that may result in these situations, always consult with slip and fall lawyers Newport Beach accident victims know will fight hard for their rights in these cases.

Suing for Damages
When involved in a slip and fall accident, victims often try to receive compensation for a variety of damages. Since these accidents can lead to such injuries as concussions, broken bones and fractures, herniated discs, and even traumatic brain injuries, medical expenses often begin to accumulate very quickly. In addition, the injuries sustained by victims usually result in forcing them to be off from work for weeks or months, making replacing lost income an essential part of their lawsuit. Finally, many victims find themselves in extreme pain for a prolonged period of time from their injuries, and are often unable to enjoy various activities or help with household chores or child-rearing while recovering from their injuries. Therefore, when seeking compensation for medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering, always rely on a Newport Beach slip and fall attorney who goes the extra mile to get clients the compensation they need and deserve.

If you are injured in a slip and fall accident due to a store’s negligence and carelessness, don’t put your case in the hands of an attorney who does not specialize in these cases. Instead, schedule a consultation with experienced and knowledgeable slip and fall accident lawyers.

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