Slip And Fall In A Store Or Business

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When you enter a retail store or business and suffer a slip and fall accident, you may assume you have a fool-proof injury claim. However, that may or may not be the case. Depending on many different factors, it is possible you could receive substantial compensation for your injuries or perhaps little or nothing at all. Since you will want to be sure you have exhausted all options regarding this situation, it is best that you consult with an experienced personal injury attorney Newport Beach and discuss what happened when you were injured on someone else’s property.

Negligence is the Key

In any type of slip and fall accident, negligence is the key in helping to determine whether or not you may have a valid claim against the business. When a slip and fall accident takes place, a store or business is only liable if negligence was present and it can be proven to have caused your accident. Therefore, simply falling inside a store or business does not necessarily mean you will have the basis for a lawsuit. To determine if there were unsafe conditions present and that the store or business knew those conditions existed prior to your accident, rely on the expertise of premises liability lawyers Newport Beach victims know will give them sound legal advice.

Who Can be Sued in a Slip and Fall Accident?

When you slip and fall in a store or business, the question of premises liability and who can be sued in these instances will be of the utmost importance. In most cases, this will come down to what type of negligence you are claiming led to your accident. As a result, you may have only one defendant or perhaps several that may be named in a potential lawsuit. For example, if the store or business owner also owns the property where you fell, your slip and fall lawyers Newport Beach trusts in these matters will focus on that person as the defendant. However, should the store or business owner be leasing the property where you fell, your lawyer will also focus on the role the landlord or property owner played in contributing to the situation leading to your accident.

Landlord or Store Owner?

As for when you may be suing a landlord for your slip and fall accident, this often occurs when structural issues such as water leaks are evident and have not been properly addressed by the landlord, leading to a dangerous situation brought about by the landlord’s negligence. However, if you slip and fall on a floor that has just been mopped by a store’s employees and did not have any warning signs placed around it warning customers of a slippery area, your lawsuit would be aimed at the store owner or the business owner who is the tenant of the property. Due to the many questions that may arise as to which party should be sued after your slip and fall accident, work with lawyers who Newport Beach accident victims now have the necessary experience and knowledge to win such cases.

Crucial Issues in Slip and Fall Accidents

Since negligence must be proven for you to win your personal injury lawsuit, your personal injury attorney you hired will examine various types of evidence to get answers to many pertinent questions. For example, they may interview witnesses or view in-store video footage to determine why the floor was slippery, how long it had been slippery, if there were any warning signs posted alerting customers to the slippery surface, and if the store owner or landlord was aware of a situation being present that could lead to such an accident. In addition, your lawyer for slip and fall cases may also examine the prior history of the store or business to see if other similar incidents have taken place over the years. By finding out the details surrounding your accident, your attorney can build a much stronger case after you have been injured on someone else’s property.

Reason for the Slippery Floor

When proving negligence in slip and fall accidents, it often comes down to showing why the floor was slippery in the first place. For example, during winter weather, snow and ice may have been allowed to build up in or near a doorway, leading to you slipping and falling. Also, if a floor had been waxed, it could be very slippery. If possible after your slip and fall, try to look around and determine what you believe led to your accident. If you can take photos of the area with your smartphone, do so and then give the photos to your aggressive and experienced lawyers who Newport Beach residents know can use this information to strengthen your case.

Get Your Injuries Treated and Documented

No matter what may have led to your slip and fall accident, never make the mistake of not seeking medical treatment immediately. Both at the scene and later on at a hospital or doctor’s office, always get your injuries treated and immediately documented into your medical records. By doing so, it will instantly become harder for a store owner or landlord to claim you were not seriously injured or are faking your injuries to get substantial compensation. Soon after getting the medical treatment you need, meet with injury lawyers Newport Beach residents know will care about their case and fight hard for their rights.

Don’t Suffer Financially

Finally, after you have experienced a slip and fall accident caused by the negligence of others, don’t allow yourself to suffer financially. Since your injuries may have included broken bones, back injuries, or a concussion, you will find yourself unable to work and requiring additional medical treatment. As a result, you’ll lose income as well as see medical bills start to pile up. To learn more about how you may be able to gain the maximum amount of compensation after being injured on someone else’s property, schedule a consultation with a lawyer for filing a premises liability claim.