Ski Resort Lawsuits

Settlements for Injury Claims at Ski Resorts

While you may not consider a personal injury lawyer in Newport Beach to be the first place to file your ski resort lawsuit, you’ll soon realize that our attorneys are skilled in premises liability claims of all kinds.

When you visit a ski resort, you’re intending to have some fun, whether or not you plan on hitting the slopes. The owners of the ski resorts take on the responsibility of your safety when you visit, and they are expected to maintain their grounds to keep the area safe for guests. This is a basic right you have as an invitee.

Multiple things can go wrong at a ski resort, as many have alcohol, hot tubs, balconies, and a variety of people who go in and out. You can slip and fall on some spilled hot chocolate that no one bothered to clean up in the lobby and break a bone or hurt your head. You could also burn yourself after getting into a hot tub that was negligently increased to a dangerous temperature. These are all injuries that have occured on California winter resorts, and they are fairly traditional lawsuits regarding unsafe premises.

The vast majority of ski resort lawsuits are from skiing accidents. This may lead you to ask, if skiing and snowboarding are widely acknowledged to be dangerous sports, can you sue for injuries from a skiing accident?

Skiing Accident Lawsuits Caused by Negligence

Most personal injury suits are based on negligence, which is a legal theory where someone acted, or failed to act, with a reasonable degree of care. It’s possible that while you were on the slopes, your instructor or whoever runs the recreation area was acting with negligence. It’s also possibel that your injury is due to another person who doesn’t work for the resort who was acting negligent.

Your personal injury lawsuit may be based on the theory of negligence if your injury was due to any of the following:

  • You collided with a reckless or negligent skier or snowboarder
  • The area on which you were skiing or snowboarding was poorly maintained, marked, or designed
  • Your instructor led you to a slope that was beyond your capability level

Skiing and snowboarding are dangerous activities, so everyone on the slopes should act with caution and care. All areas and equipment should be well-maintained, and all trainers should be thoroughly trained and attentive.

There are some cases where resorts fail to do background checks and just hire whoever applies. This can result in staff with a history of misconduct, assault, and sexual assault walking around a resort where you’re supposed ot feel safe. If you were assaulted by an employee with a nasty track record, you can sue the resort company for not conducting a more thorough background check.

Skiing Accident Lawsuits Caused by Defective Products

Winter resort injuries can also be caused by faulty products and equipment. Poorly made products can result in injuries when they don’t support your weight or don’t protect you from the impact of the expected falls that happen during winter sports.

If you fell from a defective chair lift or your helmet didn’t protect your skull properly, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the product. This is called a products liability lawsuit, and you can read more about it here.

How Do I Sue a Ski Resort?

You have every right to have your damages paid for, as your medical bills combined with hours you aren’t able to work can really add up. If you find yourself in a tough financial spot following one of these accidents, contact our property injury lawyers to sue the resort.

We can work diligently and quickly so that your lawsuit is filed before the two-year statute of limitations. We will also work to gather thorough evidence of your claims and the severity of your damages.

You need to focus on healing, so we offer free case evaluations and you don’t have to pay us unless you win your lawsuit. Contact our Newport Beach personal injury law firm today.