Starting a Slip/Fall Injury Claim

Our Injury Lawyers in Newport Beach Will Tell You How to Handle Your Claim From Start to Finish

You may not realize it, but your Los Angeles slip and fall claim starts from the minute you fall on someone else’s property. Falls are a common injury, usually caused by unsafe and negligent floor maintenance. Falls account for over 8 million emergency room visits each year, but only a fraction of these injurious accidents end up in a claim for compensation.

When you decide to sue someone for creating an unsafe environment that leads to your injury, you need to choose an experienced accident injury attorney in Newport Beach. Getting an injury lawyer in Newport Beach is important because they understand the area, the businesses, and the inner workings of the local legal system.

If you need lawyers for premises liability claim, contact Accident Lawyers Firm, as we’ve won six-figure settlements for injured parties in slip and fall lawsuits. We do free consultations, so if you’ve fallen in a store and business, you can tell us what happened and we can give you a ballpark estimate of how much your case is going to be.

Whether you’re a pedestrian that slipped on an icy stairway outside a business or a construction contractor that was injured in a client’s home, you should get compensation for your physical trauma.

Any premises liability attorney is going to tell you that your first actions greatly impact your potential claim. In order to create the strongest lawsuit possible, follow these steps below.

Take As Many Pictures As Possible

All lawsuits are best argued with hard evidence, and having photos and/or video of your accident will greatly increase your chances of proving negligence and getting compensation. If you suffer a slip and fall accident, you may not be in a condition to gather evidence right away, or you may be overwhelmed with what just happened to remember to document your fall.

If possible, take pictures immediately. Take photos of what you tripped on, your injuries, and the scene surrounding it. Make sure the photos show any precautions and warnings, or lack thereof, that show the store’s effort to make the premises safer. Take photos quickly, as the area around the accident could get cleaned up or changed in some way. The ice you slip on could melt or get cleared away by the time you return to the scene to get a photo.

You should also document your injuries. Have a friend, relative, or medical professional take pictures

Get The Names of Witnesses

If anyone saw you fall, kindly ask them for their names and contact information. They can provide a statement that can be critical to your slip and fall case.

Tell the Owner of the Premises What Happened

You should alert employees to what happened. A manager will likely step out to handle the accident, but you should ask for the owner, as it’s their responsibility, not employees’, to keep their building safe. Depending on the size of the business, the manager may be the owner. You need to report the accident to the highest-ranked person on the scene.

Not all premises liability accidents happen on commercial property; if you were hurt on public property, you need to report it to the local government in Newport Beach that day if at all possible.

Although failure to immediately report your accident will not automatically void your lawsuit, you should try to report it quickly, as waiting will make insurance agencies, juries, and judges question its legitimacy. If this accident is unwitnessed, that will make it even harder. Try to report your accident at least by the next day. Even a several-day delay in creating an accident report can seriously impact the validity of your claim.

In some cases, it’s wise to send a notification letter to the owner of the premises. Written documentation of your claim will be helpful in the lawsuit.

Get Medical Treatment

Don’t let the above information about documentation overshadow the fact that you need medical attention. Depending on the severity of your fall, you may need a trip to the emergency room. Don’t hesitate to get medical treatment, and don’t let the idea of medical bills persuade you to “walk it off.” A good lawyer for slip and falls in Newport Beach will make sure that medical bills are part of the settlement.

Doctors keep reports from each of their appointments, so you can have their receptionist send you the medical report. A medical report will be crucial to your claim, as it will have a professional’s opinion on how severe your injuries are accompanied by evidence.

For your own safety, it’s important to be looked at by a doctor. They can point out any serious injuries, such as a head injury or soft tissue injury.

Get a Premises Liability Attorney on Your Side

In the days or weeks following your slip and fall, set up a free case review with Accident Lawyers Firm. Getting a lawyer on your side will be helpful as you navigate the claims process as well as the compensation process. Getting legal advice can save you from making any missteps, as the owner of the property and their insurance are going to do everything they can to put the liability on you.

If it happened on commercial property, the owner may want you to fill out and sign an accident report, but no law requires you to do this. If you feel awkward, pressured, or too unwell to do it, you don’t have to.

Something you will have to do, however, is speak to an insurance adjuster. They will call to ask if you could give a statement describing the accident. If you don’t have a lawyer just yet, do not do this. If you do have a lawyer, don’t say anything to the insurance agent and refer them to Accident Lawyers Firm. Anything you say to the other party’s insurance can be used against you.

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