Suing a Dog Food Company for Making Your Dog Sick

Pet Food Liability Lawsuits

The standards for pet food are understandably lower than food for human consumption; however, pet foods have been associated with illness, health problems, and injuries to the animals they are supposed to help.

Most recently, Hill’s Prescription Diet or Science Diet canned dog food were subject to a class-action lawsuit in which dog food contaminated with Vitamin D made several dogs extremely sick. It’s scary because brands that seem high-quality can actually damage a dog’s health.

The most common damages caused by pet food are:

  • Toxic or unsafe substances: Pet food is often mixed with fillers that can cause health issues like chemicals, bacteria, and viruses
  • Foreign objects: Sometimes negligence in the factory where the food is made can result in unwanted objects being in the food and ingested by dogs, like metals and bones
  • Ingredients harmful to animals: Not all food that’s safe for humans should be in dog food

You may be wondering: can I sue a dog food company for injuring or killing my dog with their unsafe food?

Generally, manufacturers of products can be held legally liable when they cause harm, so the answer is yes. While your pet cannot be the plaintiff in a product liability lawsuit, you can sue on behalf of your pet when it was injured due to a product defect since a pet is legally your property.

Some pet lovers argue that pets are “special property,” which means they have additional value over their market price. Pets can improve both mental and physical health of their owners and many argue that the emotional bond is so strong that they’re family. However, this doctrine that is normally extended to family heirlooms and mementos is not legally linked to pets at this time.

Product Liability

Product liability is generally based around selling products that harm the plaintiff despite being used properly and safely. Like with any personal injury lawsuit, you and your personal injury lawyer must show that the plaintiff experienced damages, that the damages were caused by negligence or intentional act on part of the defendant, and that the plaintiff’s damages are the result of that negligence.

Improperly managing dog food which then poisons your dog is a clear example of corporate negligence, but the tricky part of a product liability lawsuit for dog food is that you must prove to the courts that the dog is sick due to the food and not some other reason.

To receive any financial compensation, the owner of the pet and their accident injury attorney must show that the dog’s illness is a direct result of the food. Proving liability is going to be the hardest part of your lawsuit.

If contaminated dog food poisoned your pet, you’re likely not the only person to be affected, so your lawsuit will be greatly helped if you can find others whose pets suffered a similar fate.

Filing Your Lawsuit

When you meet with a dog food attorney from Accident Lawyers Firm during your free consultation, they will ask you what makes you believe the dog food is what made your pet sick. Next, they will help you prove this liability. This means calling on witnesses, like your vet and others who were impacted by the unsafe food.

Your lawsuit is going to be based on the damages that you and your pet have suffered. Damages in pet food injury lawsuits are difficult to add up because they usually aren’t very expensive. In most pet food liability cases, the dog food company only has to pay for the market value price of the dog if the dog died or for the vet bills if the dog was merely sickened. You can work with your product liability lawyer to include additional feasible damages.

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How to File Your Lawsuit

If you were hurt by an Amazon product, you have two years since the date of the injury to file your lawsuit alongside a personal injury lawyer. After our Newport Beach accident lawyers file your lawsuit, they will need to find evidence that Amazon’s faulty product resulted in your injuries.

The first thing a bodily injury lawyer in Newport Beach will ask is if you were using the product as directed at the time of your injury. Amazon’s products have been of such poor quality that even using them exactly as directed has resulted in injuries. This is because the multi trillion-dollar company chooses to cut corners instead of spending its fortune on better products.

Just like with a traditional car crash, you should seek medical attention right away. This is important to your health and to your injury claim. The medical report will testify to your bodily damages in court. Photos are also essential in a personal injury case, so try to take photos of the scene.

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