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Radiation Burns

//Radiation Burns

Radiation Burns

Undergoing treatment for cancer is a difficult and physically trying experience. Radiation therapy is a common method of diminishing or destroying cancer cells. The therapy consists of sending high-energy radiation or radioactive substances through the skin. This can cause damage to the affected area. If you are going through an especially aggressive form of treatment, it can lead to severe damage to your skin. The latter will peel off and not have time to grow back, which can lead to sores and ulcers.

Radiation burns can be very painful. And although the frequency with which you receive radiation therapy may be necessary to save your life, it is the responsibility of the professionals carrying out the treatment to provide you with effective care therapies. Failure to do so can leave you not only itching and in pain, but also seriously injured.>

If you have suffered radiation burn injuries because of incompetent, negligent, or careless treatment, you can call a personal injury lawyer in Newport Beach and act legally against the oncological staff. Hiring a burn injury lawyer in Newport Beach will help you do so.

The Possible Consequences of a Radiation Burn

Although cancer is a difficult disease to manage, the effects of radiation therapy are well known; they can be predicted and controlled. If the effects of radiation therapy are not mitigated, it can cause you serious pain; it can even lead to a life-threatening condition. If you have reached the point at which the remedy is more dangerous than the disease, then something has gone seriously wrong.

Claiming Compensation

Failure to properly administer and control the radiation therapy you are given owes either to incompetence or neglect. This is not acceptable. The people administering the treatment owe you a duty of care—that is a standard of care established by their profession. If they have not lived up to this standard, a burn injury lawyer in Newport Beach can work to get you compensation.

A burn injury attorney in Newport Beach will gather the evidence necessary to prove neglect and carelessness. A burn injury attorney in Newport Beach will also negotiate directly with the insurance company of the health care professionals and will insist on a fair and adequate settlement.

Newport Beach burn injury attorneys handle cases like this all the time. Newport Beach burn injury attorneys know how to put together a case that will press insurers to offer a good settlement. If you have suffered serious radiation burn injuries, you should call a personal injury lawyer in Newport Beach to discuss your options.

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