Premises Liability at Public Park

$150,000 Settlement

A client tripped, fell, and broke her ankle at a public park due to a land defect, which was proved to be a known dangerous condition.


$250,000 Employment Law Settlement

An employer fired a 30 year employee when the employee stood up to them for committing fraud.

Sexual Harassment

$110,000 Employment Law Settlement

A client was subjected to unwelcome physical and verbal conduct of a sexual nature by an employer.

Boating Accident

$2,300,000 Personal Injury Settlement

A boat driver was negligent in informing the passengers of known dangers around the boat. The client became paraplegic due to the injuries suffered.

Motorcycle Accident

$40,000 Personal Injury Settlement

A vehicle ran through a stop sign and cut off the motorcyclist, which caused the motorcyclist to be ejected and suffered injuries.

Work Related Settlement

$330,000 Personal Injury

An employer physically assaulted an employee and violated several employment laws over the course of five years of employment.

Drunk Driving Accident

$100,000 Policy Limits Settlement

A client was rear-ended by a drunk driver and we were able to obtain the policy limit, which was $100,000.

Slip and Fall

$59,000 Personal Injury Settlement

A client slipped and fell in a parking garage, where there was leakage from a broken pipe. The client broke both wrists.

Car Accident

$50,000 Personal Injury Settlement

A client was hit by another driver, which resulted in the vehicle flipping over. The client suffered severe back pain.

Slip and Fall

$50,000 Personal Injury Settlement

A client stepped on safety pins at a Nordstrom, which required surgery.

Drunk Driving Accident

$250,000 Drunk Driving Accident

The client was hit by a drunk driver which resulted in a torn rotator cuff. The client had to have surgery and we settled for their Underinsured Motorist policy limits!

Rideshare Accident

$580,000 Rideshare Accident