Boating Accident

$2,300,000 Personal Injury Policy Limit Settlement

A boat driver was negligent in informing the passengers of known dangers around the boat. The client became paraplegic due to the injuries suffered.

Truck Accident

$1,825,000 Settlement

In collaboration with RMD Law. We settled a case for three plaintiffs that were rear-ended by a commercial box truck

Rideshare Accident

$1,000,000 Settlement

Client was t-boned and received spinal surgery.

Rideshare Accident

$872,850 Settlement

We settled an $872,850 settlement for one of our clients after a Ridesharing Accident.⠀

We understand that being in an accident can be very traumatic so we’ll focus on your legal case while you focus on healing.

Rideshare Accident

$580,000 Rideshare Accident

Work Related Settlement

$330,000 Personal Injury

An employer physically assaulted an employee and violated several employment laws over the course of five years of employment.

Drunk Driving Accident

$250,000 Personal Injury Policy Limit Settlement

The client was hit by a drunk driver which resulted in a torn rotator cuff. The client had to have surgery and we settled for their Underinsured Motorist policy limits!


$250,000 Employment Law Settlement

An employer fired a 30 year employee when the employee stood up to them for committing fraud.

Wrongful Death

$250,000 Settlement Wrongful Death

A wrongful death policy limits settlement. This was a hit-and-run accident where the driver crashed into the truck driver and sent him flying an overpass to his death. The driver left behind his 3 children and this was a sad story where the policy was very small and is not enough to help his loved one.
Settled with our co-counsel Panish Shea & Boyle in Los Angeles.

Trip and Fall

$250,000 Trip and Fall Settlement

Client tripped and fell at a friends house. The client tripped in a hole dug by the home owners dog. The owners knew about the dog digging holes and did nothing to remedy the situation. The client broke her tibia and had to get surgery.


$225,000 Settlement A Family

A family of three was rear-ended by a drunk driver who then ran away from the scene!

Boating Accident

$210,000 Boating Accident

Car Accident

$205,000 Personal Injury Policy Limit Settlement

Client was involved in two accidents within the same year, bringing a total settlement of $205,000.

Employment Law

$175,000 Employment Law Wage and Hours Claim

We had clients who were not paid their overtime, meal periods or travel time for years.

Premises Liability at Public Park

$150,000 Settlement

A client tripped, fell, and broke her ankle at a public park due to a land defect, which was proved to be a known dangerous condition.

Car Accident

$110,000 Personal Injury Policy Limit Settlement

Sexual Harassment

$110,000 Employment Law Settlement

A client was subjected to unwelcome physical and verbal conduct of a sexual nature by an employer.

Bicycle Accident

$105,000 Personal Injury Policy Limit Settlement

A drunk driver crashed into a husband and wife bicyclist.

T-Bone Accident

$101,000 Personal Injury Policy Limit Settlement

Drunk Driving Accident

$100,000 Personal Injury Policy Limit Settlement

A client was rear-ended by a drunk driver and we were able to obtain the policy limit, which was $100,000.

Bicycle Accident

$100,000 Personal Injury Policy Limit Settlement

Car Accident

$100,000 Personal Injury Policy Limit Settlement

Passenger was injured in a multiple-vehicle accident and suffered a broken arm.

Hit By Suv

$80,000.00 - Settlement Hit by SUV

The client was hit by an SUV that ran the red light and crashed into the passenger side of our client’s vehicle. The accident was not a major impact, but still caused major damage to the client.

Auto Accident

$75,000 Rear End Accident Settlement

Car Accident

$50,000 Personal Injury Settlement

A client was hit by another driver, which resulted in the vehicle flipping over. The client suffered severe back pain.

Slip and Fall

$50,000 Personal Injury Settlement

A client stepped on safety pins at a Nordstrom, which required surgery.

Motorcycle Accident

$40,000 Personal Injury Settlement

A vehicle ran through a stop sign and cut off the motorcyclist, which caused the motorcyclist to be ejected and suffered injuries.

*Disclaimer*: These are examples out of a small sample set of our cases. Please keep in mind that every case is fact specific and different, and that these verdicts and settlements do not represent what we may be able to obtain for you in your specific case.



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“A little while ago I was dealing with a company that owed me wages that were never paid. I thought I had no chance in winning, but I contacted the Accident Lawyers Firm and they helped me to recover the money that was owed. Joseph fought for my rights and thoroughly made sure that I got the money owed. Beyond his professionalism/excellence to his craft, I felt a real compassion to my needs, in the business world you are treated as a number rather than a person, Joseph really proved this wrong, he listened to all my concerns and assured I was genuinely happy throughout the process…definitely went the extra mile.”

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