Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

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null Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect in the workplace. You should be able to do your job without being constantly harassed and propositioned. Sexual harassment in the workplace is a crime, and your company should make it known that such behavior will not be tolerated. It should also have a clear and detailed policy on how victims of sexual harassment should report such incidents and how the case will be handled.

If your company ignores your complaint or you are retaliated against as a consequence of your complaint, then you can hold your employer accountable. An employment attorney Newport Beach can help you. An employment attorney Newport Beach is the only kind of professional who can help you get justice.

What is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment has been one of the most discussed topics in the public sphere over the last three decades. There should be no doubt about what constitutes sexual harassment; it consists of unwanted advancements of a romantic or sexual nature.

Some people pretend not to understand this definition, but such naivety is disingenuous. A harasser knows when they have crossed the line because they are making it with sexual or romantic intent. Complimenting a new outfit or hairstyle of a co-worker is not sexual harassment. Constantly badgering them about going out on a date is. An awkward moment of physical contact with a work colleague is not sexual harassment. Groping them is. Sexual harassment also consists of cracking lewd jokes, making comments of a sexual nature, or putting up calendars or screen savers that are sexual in nature.

In short, sexual harassment is any conduct that creates a hostile or offensive work environment.

Remember: You Are the Victim

Although there are instances of female on male sexual harassment, the vast majority of this kind of behavior involves the harassment of female employees by male colleagues, as only 16% of people who report sexual harassment are men. You may find the situation at work intolerable; it may be taking a serious toll on your mental health and job performance. Yet, you are still reluctant to come forward out of fear for retaliation.

You have the right to an environment that allows you to do your job, receive a fair wage for it, and be respected for your abilities as a member of the team. The last thing you want is to be known as the woman who was sexually harassed. You do not want the misbehavior of a colleague to define who you are as a person and employee.

The fear of gaining this kind of notoriety prevents many victims from coming forward. What you must remember is that you are the victim. And if you do not report the person who is committing this crime, then they will continue doing it. It’s likely that the same person is harassing multiple employees, as well. 

Dealing with Sexual Harassment Informally

You may be able to stop the harassment without reporting the person. You should only go this route if you feel comfortable. In many instances, men serially harass women because they have never been directly confronted and told upfront terms to stop. Sometimes, pulling your harasser aside and telling them that they are acting in an inappropriate and offensive way is enough to stop the behavior.

You may also be able to resolve the matter informally by involving your boss. You should get a feel for whether this is possible before proceeding. If you have a good relationship with the person senior to you and trust them, it may be possible to go directly to them with the problem. They may be able to stop the person from harassing you without escalating the matter any further.

Before You Take Legal Action

If the matter cannot be resolved informally, you will need to report the person through official channels. Your company should have a policy in place that tells you how to do that. Once you have filed a sexual harassment complaint, you should expect your company to act. If nothing is done, then you will need to hire a sexual harassment lawyer Newport Beach. A sexual harassment lawyer Newport Beach will help you take measures to protect yourself. They will start by advising you to:

  • Document the harassment
  • Save copies of the complaint you have filed
  • Monitor your employer’s response to your complaint

When to Start Building a Lawsuit

Sexual harassment can affect your ability to work. Dealing with your harasser and your response to them can be emotionally draining, and your company is legally obligated to support you when you file a sexual harassment complain. If the company insists on doing nothing about the harassment or moves to protect the person by firing you, then you should hire a Newport Beach work harassment attorney and file a lawsuit.

Your employer is required by law to investigate your complaint. They cannot take any steps during the investigation that would negatively affect your employment because this is considered in a court of law to be retaliation. Retaliation for a sexual harassment complaint can come in many forms. 

Retaliation may consist of disciplinary write-ups, transfer to a different position in the company, exclusion from important meetings, subtle attempts to sabotage your performance, or outright termination. 

You should not have to put up with any such behavior. Your Newport Beach work harassment attorney can help ensure that things happen as they should. If there is a failure on the part of your employer to abide by the law, then your attorney will work with you to build a case against them.

Sexual harassment can lead to sexual assault. Too often, the two go hand-in-hand. If you have been forced to perform sexual acts against your will, you will need to pursue a criminal case against your assailant and a civil case against the company.

You should hire a sexual assault lawyer in the workplace like Accident Lawyers Firm to help you get through this ordeal. Although rape and sexual assault are handled by public prosecutors, you should have your own sexual assault lawyer in the workplace to monitor the progress of the police investigation. 

Accident Lawyers Firm will ensure that your rights as a victim are protected, and that you are able to get justice for both the sexual harassment and the sexual assault.