Accidents can happen at the worst of times. You may be late to an appointment or in a rough place financially when you collide with another vehicle or a fixed object like a parking meter or road barrier. 

In situations where the damage to one or both cars is minimal, people are enticed not to report the accident. Reasons not to report an accident include being worried that your insurance rates will go up or not having insurance at all.

If someone is urging you not to call the police, it’s usually not for a good reason. You should always contact authorities to report your accident, even if it’s a minor accident. Law enforcement officers can help you in the moment, as well as provide helpful information for future reference. Responding police offers can:

  • Provide or call for emergency medical care
  • Protect the accident scene from further damage
  • Investigate and document the potential cause of the accident and at-fault party in a police report

Police officers respond to collisions all the time, so they will know what to do and what to look out for. For example, they know the signs that someone needs emergency medical attention. It’s possible that you can be concussed following the accident and not even know it, but the responding officer will have a moderate amount of first aid training and will be able to identify serious injuries.

One other reason why you should call the police to the scene of a car accident is so that there’s a third party involved. It’s possible that following your accident, the other driver may decide that they want to pursue a case against you for compensation alongside a car crash lawyer in Newport Beach.

If an officer does not respond, then there’s no official report of the accident and its cause. Therefore, the other party can claim whatever they want, as there’s no official evidence documenting what actually happened leading up to the collision. Don’t let the other party take advantage of you. Call the police to ensure there’s an official record of the accident so you are treated fairly during the compensation process.

After you call law enforcement, you will get an idea of the severity of the accident you are dealing with. If you decide that you need compensation following the crash, or need to defend yourself from someone trying to get compensation from you, contact our personal injury attorneys in Newport Beach. We will ensure that you are not taken advantage of and that you pay an adequate portion of the damages.