Being involved in a car accident is something that you typically don’t expect to happen. However, when these random events unfold, it can be shocking. Your body will start pumping out adrenaline, which can block the pain from injuries that you incurred from the auto accident.


One of the most common injuries that victims face from a vehicle accident is whiplash. Any personal injury attorney Newport Beach will reveal that it’s much more difficult to fight a case when it comes to a whiplash injury. The victim may say they feel fine at the time of the accident. The symptoms of their whiplash injury may not start to come to fruition until a day or two later. Your car crash lawyer Newport Beach will recommend getting a medical evaluation after the accident and immediately upon any sort of pain from possible injuries.

Herniated Disc

The next common injury any Newport Beach car accident lawyer deals with is a herniated disc. Your back has many vertebrae that are separated by spongy discs. When trauma happens to the spine, one of these spongy discs can slip out of position. This slip is referred to medically as a herniation. You’ll notice pain in the area due to an irritated nerve. Some victims may even experience weakness in their extremities or numbness. All auto accident lawyers Newport Beach can reveal that herniated discs can be an expensive injury that takes much time to heal properly.


Your car wreck lawyer Newport Beach will also likely deal with concussion injuries. These are traumatic brain injuries where your head violently hits an object, such as a window or steering wheel. This rapid jerking of the head can cause the brain to hit the skull. This can result in symptoms like memory loss, drowsiness, double vision, or headaches. Many of these symptoms may be delayed, which makes this a more difficult case for your injury attorney Newport Beach.

Internal Bleeding

When an accident causes damage to one of your major internal organs, it can put you in grave danger. Unfortunately, you may not realize the danger until symptoms show up later. Some common symptoms include dizziness, fainting, seizures, swelling, and purple-colored skin. A person who suffers these symptoms should go to an emergency room right away.

Psychological Issues

Any car crash lawyer Newport Beach will tell you that a car accident can leave behind mental scars. The frightening experience can be very traumatic for the individuals involved, especially if there is a fatality or major injury. According to experienced auto accident lawyers Newport Beach, those who suffer psychological issues can experience a variety of symptoms including depression, nightmares, insomnia, and anxiety. Treatment for these psychological issues takes time and money.

As you can see, not all injuries that a person may experience are noticeable right away. This is why any good car wreck lawyer Newport Beach will recommend that you seek a medical evaluation at the time of the accident to ensure no symptoms of injuries go unnoticed. It’s very important to have the help of an experienced Newport Beach car accident lawyer to help fight your case if you have an injury with delayed symptoms.