According to Statista, about 36% of people in the US used ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft in 2019.

However, with the increasing number of riders comes greater responsibility. The protection of passengers against any ride threats is Uber’s core responsibility so that they can avoid legal suits. Here are a few risks that riders may be prone to and how they can use the assistance of injury attorney Newport Beach when faced with dangers.

A Drunk Driver
Although Lyft and Uber drivers’ code of ethics requires them to have a clean driving record, you are not assured that the driver is not intoxicated. Drunk driving has led to accidents that have caused severe pain to riders.

The increasing number of drunk driving cases for Uber and Lyft drivers is making riders fear using them. You might, at the end of the day, need the assistance of a personal injury attorney Newport Beach when due to injuries caused by a drunk driver. 

Sexual Assault Fears
There has been a recent increase in taxi rape allegations and rape tapes. This is because of the flirtatious drivers who drop female riders in deserted places.

That is a source of dread for any Uber and Lyft rider. When sexually assaulted, a passenger needs Lyft accident lawyers Newport Beach to assist them in instituting legal proceedings.

Getting an Unskilled Driver
Uber and Lyft have ways set to identify the best drivers in their system, such as the star ratings; however, the drivers might still not adhere to some of the traffic rules. Lyft has, in the past, proven its commitment to ensuring the safety of its riders by banning incompetent drivers.

However, some of these drivers still manage to get back into the system. This poses a security risk to the safety of the riders. In case of injuries brought about by unskilled drivers’ actions, a passenger will need the help of Uber accident lawyers Newport Beach.

Getting into a Car Accident
The greatest fear of anyone riding on the roads these days is the possibility of them getting into an accident. Due to the increasing number of incompetent drivers, there is an increasing need for Uber accident lawyers Newport Beach.

Most road accidents are caused by drivers’ carelessness and lead to lifetime injuries, possibly even paralysis. If you notice a cause of reckless driving, he can institute legal charges with the help of ridesharing accident attorneys Newport Beach.

Other Passengers
When deciding on using an Uber, you are usually concerned about your comfort. And comfort may include not having many people in the same car.

Uber drivers are not allowed to carry more passengers unknown to the existing rider on a trip. Some may fall prey to attacks planned by the driver and the new passengers. A rider can decide to file a case against the driver in such cases and will, therefore, need ridesharing accident attorneys Newport Beach to help them present the charges.

Get an Uber and Lyft accident lawyers Newport Beach
Uber riding is associated with many significant risks, but also small risks like lousy music throughout the journey can bring discomfort to riders. Many riders have chosen to ignore some of the challenges that they have faced in their Uber rides; however, there is a need to contact Uber and Lyft accident lawyers Newport Beach for assistance.

Are you an Uber aggrieved passenger looking for legal assistance? Contact us today, and get the best Lyft accident lawyers Newport Beach to assist you.