Not all reckless driving involves physical danger. The nature of some driver recklessness is financial; it involves people who drive their vehicles without the proper financial protection—namely, insurance. Although liability car insurance is required by law in almost every state, there are people who drive without it. Studies have shown that one in eight at-fault drivers have no insurance. If you are in an accident with such a person, you can still get the compensation you need. Your first move should be to hire an uninsured motorist lawyer Newport Beach. They will help guide you through the process of dealing with an uninsured driver and making your claim.

Being hit by a car is a bewildering event. It may take a while for you to regain your wits. Once you have done so, you should call 911 and wait for the police to arrive. You should in the meantime take down the name, phone number, and other contact details of the driver. At this point, you will probably find out that the other driver is uninsured. You need not comment on this fact, as it can lead to an altercation, which is the last thing you need at that moment.

You should also photograph the scene and the dents, cracks, and other signs of collision on your car. Taking down the names and contact information of people who witnessed the crash will also help your case.

When the police arrive at the scene, you should tell them what happened. You need not tell them anything beyond that.

You should then go directly to the hospital. No matter how minor your injuries, you should get them examined. If you suffered cuts and bruises as a result of the accident, you should have these photographed before they are cared for. Make sure you have a copy of the doctor’s report before you leave the hospital.

The first person you should call is an uninsured motorist lawyer Newport Beach. You should call an uninsured driver accident lawyer Newport Beach before you report the accident to your insurance company. Your lawyer will advise you of your rights as a policy holder. They will also tell you the questions you will need to ask your insurer given that the other driver is uninsured.

Leaning on Your Insurance Company
If you have insurance coverage, then you may have uninsured motorist coverage. This is required in many states. Uninsured motorist coverage will compensate you for the medical expenses, lost wages, and other costs you incurred owing to the collision. Your uninsured driver accident lawyer Newport Beach will conduct a thorough review of your insurance policy. The kind of compensation that you are entitled to in such a situation may be buried deep in the document. Your Newport Beach uninsured driver attorney will ensure that it is brought to light.

If the police report was inconclusive about who caused the accident, your insurance company may try to deny your claim. The Newport Beach uninsured driver attorney you hired will conduct their own investigation and press your claim based on the evidence they uncover.

Suing an underinsured driver is also an option. If the cost of your medical bills exceeds that covered by your insurance, suing an underinsured driver may get you the kind of settlement you need.