Involved in an Accident with an Amazon Delivery Truck?

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An Amazon driver hit me. Can I sue? This is a common concern among many motorists and pedestrians nowadays. As the delivery network of Amazon continues to expand, fast deliveries are becoming a norm. This may translate to reckless driving, overspeeding, and other dangerous road maneuvers that all together put other road users to risk.

A recent article by the New York Times explores the extent of damage that Amazon delivery accidents cause and the overall impact on society. Some cases end up in paralysis, life-threatening injuries, property damage, or even death in worst-case scenarios. Tied to a stringent delivery schedule and route, a delivery driver is bound to bypass safe driving practices just to make timely delivery.

Generally, accidents involving delivery drivers tend to be more intricate compared to other accident claims. In such cases, for you to pursue your compensation successfully, you must engage the legal assistance of a knowledgeable personal injury attorney. Start by contacting Accident Lawyers Firm for a free consultation and get help with your case.

What Types of Delivery Accidents Can You Encounter?

Anyone out there in the streets is staring at the risk of being hit by an Amazon delivery truck or van. Your misfortune could descend on you while crossing a major highway or out taking a stroll in the neighborhood streets.

Considering the huge size of these delivery vehicles and the quantity of load they ferry, they may take considerably longer to come to a safe stop in case of an emergency. Moreover, they have bigger blind spots and may require more maneuvering space.

Therefore, assigning such complex vehicles to especially inexperienced drivers results in recklessness and endless accidents such as:

  • Rollovers or head-on collisions caused by poor traction of neglected tires
  • Running over pedestrians on marked crosswalks due to overspeeding
  • Sideswipe crashes when switching lanes with little caution or zero warning
  • T-bone accidents and intersection accidents caused by ignoring a stop sign or red light
  • Rear-end collisions as a result of late-braking

As much as these accidents are popular with large vehicles, mitigation is possible through sensitization and safety training. However, the demand and pressure heaped on Amazon drivers are way beyond normal. This may inadvertently turn them into reckless delivery drivers.

Why Do Amazon Drivers Cause Accidents?

As mentioned earlier, the chief reasons for delivery truck accidents are unreasonable pressure and unsafe driving practices. Most Amazon products are delivered within two days of ordering, and for local delivery drivers, this can become a toll order.

The strict deadlines push drivers beyond the normal delivery expectations just to secure their jobs. Mind you, most of these drivers are not properly trained. Without proper training and experience, a delivery driver may not fully understand the rules of the road within their delivery jurisdiction. Ultimately, this makes crashes inevitable.

Who suffers the consequences? Innocent cyclists, bystanders, and fellow drivers in the form of hefty medical bills.

Why Are Amazon Accident Claims Complicated?

The thing is, Amazon does not directly handle deliveries. It employs local third-party delivery firms to handle the final mile to the customer. The contracted companies are required to provide delivery vehicles, recruit and train their own drivers, insure the vehicles, as well as be in control of the drivers’ delivery schedules.

Before sealing the deal with Amazon, the companies must also sign a liability contract that holds them liable in the event of an accident. This automatically sets Amazon off the hook. Therefore, if a delivery driver is found culpable, Amazon redirects the compensation claims back to the contracted firm.

That said, note that while Amazon may not directly handle package deliveries, it handles grocery deliveries through its subsidiary Whole Foods. They have properly insured their vehicles to the extent of covering both bodily injury and property damage. This gives you room to pursue compensation if your injuries arose from the negligence of an Amazon grocery delivery driver.

Arm Yourself with Reliable Legal Representation

I was rear-ended by an Amazon Truck, what’s next for me? There’s no need to worry. Going against gigantic firms like Amazon for compensation demands proper armory. In the safe company of Accident Lawyers Firm, you are sure to get a fair hearing and attempt to recover your losses.

Our truck injury lawyers are experienced in accident cases involving commercial vehicles and Amazon delivery trucks are no exception. We take your personal safety to heart and walk the compensation journey with you to the very end. Get in touch with us to find the options available for your case.