Santa Ana winds of up to 90mph struck the Riverside region in late October, causing multiple truck accidents.

Trees were uprooted, damaging apartment buildings and causing widespread power outages. The so-called “devil winds” also drove a brush fire across 4,000 acres, forcing the evacuation of 60,000 people endangered by the blaze. It was only the latest blow in a devastating season of wildfires and other natural disasters. Injury attorneys Newport Beach are helping those affected.

But truck drivers were some of the hardest hit, leaving many to need legal help for a truck accident. The California Highway Patrol said that it responded to dozens of calls reporting overturned tractor-trailers. The devastation put truck injury lawyers Newport Beach on alert for drivers who may have been hurt.

Risk of injuries

Powerful winds can cause serious injuries to truck drivers caught in their path. Many drivers suffer neck and back injuries following accidents. Some are more unfortunate and suffer burns or head injuries. If you have been injured in a truck accident, your employer or another driver may be liable. To recover compensation, you are likely to need legal help for a truck accident. The best personal injury attorney Newport Beach has to offer is ready to help. When it comes to Newport Beach truck accident attorneys, the Accident Lawyers Firm has the best team in the region.

Harrowing incidents

Wind is a major hazard for truck drivers. During the recent winds in Southern California, one semi truck hit by 70mph winds was blown almost off the roadway. The vehicle ended up teetering precariously over the edge of the freeway. The driver was fortunate to walk away without injury, but the incident could easily have ended with tragedy.

A helping hand

Newport Beach truck accident attorneys can help drivers to review their legal options if they have been injured in a truck accident. Employers have a duty to keep their drivers safe. Truck injury lawyers Newport Beach can assess whether this duty includes preventing a driver from being exposed to disastrous weather. If forecasts predict dangerous conditions, employers should tell drivers to stay off the road.

Tips for staying safe

Transportation authorities advise drivers to monitor the radio for any news of dangerous winds. When on the road, drivers should watch for loose objects, such as branches or other debris, that could fly into their path. Drivers should keep a firm grip on the steering wheel and maintain a safe distance from other vehicles. For some drivers, however, staying off the road is the only way to ensure safety.

If disaster strikes

If you are involved in a serious truck accident, you should first call 911 to alert the emergency services. If it is possible, you should take photographs of the scene and collect the contact information of any witnesses. Because it can be difficult to recall the details of stressful events, this could be crucial if you need to reconstruct what happened. Once you are safe, it may be time to call the Accident Lawyers Firm to discuss your path forward.