When you purchase any type of product, you expect that it will be made to certain specifications and that will not result in injury. However, that is not always the case. Each year, thousands of people are injured from defective products, often suffering injuries that lead to large medical bills and lost income from being unable to work. As a result, victims consult with a Newport Beach product liability lawyer to file claims against manufacturers and others associated with the product. But to ensure these claims have the best chance of being successful, it is important to understand the various types of defective product liability claims.

Defectively Manufactured Product
If you purchase a product that contains an error created during its manufacturing, you can work with a product liability attorney in Newport Beach to file a defective manufactured product claim. An example of this would be a swing set that had a cracked chain, causing a child to fall off and be injured. To prove this claim, your attorney must show the injury was caused specifically by a manufacturing defect.

Defectively Designed Products
In these claims, the argument does not revolve around a specific manufacturing defect. Instead, it focuses on the entire group of products being dangerous due to design flaws. For example, if a certain type of car is found to be prone to flipping over when making sharp turns, a claim can be filed for a defective design. But like claims regarding defectively manufactured products, your personal injury lawyer in Newport Beach must show the injuries you sustained were due directly because of a design flaw in the product.

Lack of Adequate Warnings or Instructions
While some products have manufacturing defects or design flaws, others fail to have proper warnings or instructions. This can include medications that lack information on potential side effects, appliances that lack proper usage instructions, or chemicals that fail to provide safety guidelines for users. Like the other types of claims, a product liability lawyer Newport Beach residents value for their experience in these matters must be able to prove your injuries were a direct result of a lack of warnings or instructions prior to using the product.

Since such evidence as medical records and company records regarding the product in question will be needed to win your claim, schedule an immediate consultation with a Newport Beach product liability lawyer to discuss your accident in greater detail.