Any Uber accident lawyer will tell you that the drivers are often the ones who are injured the most in accidents, and the sad thing is, the rideshare giants do little to compensate their drivers for their injuries.

Uber and Lyft only provide insurance coverage when drivers are not liable for the accident in question, but they also pay their lawyers millions each year to find loopholes in their policies so that they pay as little compensation as possible.

This was the horrific situation faced by a Fresno Uber driver named Reza Mohammadi. He was driving a passenger to their destination when a Fresno city bus rear-ended him, causing him a serious back injury that required multiple surgeries.

Mohammadi first had a spinal stimulator implanted but then had to undergo a second surgery to remove it since it was not helping. He was also diagnosed with chronic pain syndrome, which can severely impact one’s life. He was left trying to live his life while facing mountains of medical bills and a never-ending cycle of pain.

This man had been faced with traffic accidents in the past, one of which occurred while he was inside a waiting room and a truck crashed into the business. The city of Fresno tried to argue that his back pain was the result of these previous accidents, not their bus crashing into him.

While many defendants in these cases would compensate the victim or settle out of court with an accident injury attorney, the city of Fresno refused these two solutions. Mohammadi and his attorney had to take them to the California superior court.

In this case, the jury sided with Mohammadi after seeing how much pain he was in and how he didn’t do anything to cause the accident. Six years after the initial rear-end accident, Uber driver Reza Mohammadi was awarded a whopping $1 million dollar settlement.

While the client was happy to receive compensation to pay for his medical bills and future expenses, he was most grateful for the fact that the nightmare had a conclusion.

Our injury law firm knows that defendants in these cases will try everything not to compensate those they hurt, so it’s necessary to hire an attorney. While many feel it’s excessive, a personal injury lawyer will know your state’s laws so that you aren’t taken advantage of. Contact us today to get compensated.