Finding the Right Lawyer for an Uber/Lyft Passenger Injury Lawsuit

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As the use of ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft has increased, the vehicles used to transport passengers are becoming involved in more and more auto accidents. Because of this, passengers in Uber and Lyft vehicles are finding themselves dealing with broken bones and other injuries that result in prolonged medical treatment and significant time off from work. 

Since medical bills and other expenses will begin to accumulate due to lost income, it will be imperative for passengers injured in these accidents to receive as much compensation as possible. But to make this happen, they need the best personal injury attorney Newport Beach has to offer. If you have been injured in a ridesharing accident and need to get the most capable lawyer to handle your case, here are some steps you should take immediately.

Hire a Specialist

Though almost any lawyer who handles personal injury cases could potentially be used in your case, it is much better if you hire a lawyer who specializes in ridesharing accidents and has a track record of success winning for their clients. Thus, since you will probably be going online to conduct your search for ridesharing accident attorneys Newport Beach recommends for these cases, always make sure you look for lawyers who point to ridesharing accidents as one of their specialties.

Will the Lawyer You Hire Handle Your Case?

If you are not careful when selecting an attorney to handle your ridesharing accident case, it is possible the lawyer you actually meet with and hire may not be the one who will actually work on your case. In many larger law firms, certain cases are passed down to junior members of the firm or even paralegals. Since these individuals may have less experience dealing with these cases, they may overlook key evidence or fail to take other steps necessary to win your case. Thus, it is best to hire accident injury attorneys that Newport Beach accident victims know will have primary responsibility for your case from start to finish.

How Long has the Lawyer Practiced Law?

Even though an attorney with limited experience may be able to win your case and get you maximum compensation for your injuries, you will stand a much better chance of winning your case if you work with a personal injury lawyer who has practiced law for many years. 

By hiring an attorney who is experienced and knowledgeable about how to deal with insurance companies and other steps along the way, you can be sure your case will be handled carefully, efficiently, and with a personalized approach. Accident Lawyers Firm has a detailed history of helping plaintiffs get excellent injury settlements.

Always Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Along with making sure your lawyer specializes in ridesharing accidents such as the one in which you were involved, always ensure you have a true personal injury attorney working on your case. For example, if you hire an attorney who specializes primarily in real estate law or family law, they will have little if any experience dealing with personal injury cases. 

As a result, you almost certainly will not get a positive outcome as you would if you hired an experienced and skilled injury lawyer. Since ridesharing accident cases are still somewhat new to many lawyers, having one working for you who already has plenty of experience negotiating with insurance companies and examining evidence can make all the difference between walking away with substantial compensation or nothing at all.

How Will Your Lawyer be Paid?

Payment is an important topic of discussion prior to hiring any kind of lawyer. How your attorney will be paid to handle your case should be one of the first questions you ask at your initial consultation. 

If your lawyer specializes in personal injury cases such as these, it is likely they will be paid on what is known as a contingency-fee basis. When this happens, the lawyer gets paid only after they win your case, at which time they will take a percentage of the settlement amount, which usually is anywhere from 25%-40% of the awarded damages. 

In addition, most, if not all, of your car crash lawyer’s expenses associated with your case are also paid out of this amount, meaning you should owe next to nothing out-of-pocket. Your attorney may also be able to argue that their fees should be paid by the defendant. 

Regardless, you should always get your method of payment confirmed when you are considering hiring an Uber or Lyft accident lawyer. To ensure there will be no misunderstandings, try to have the financial arrangements of your case in writing.

What About Negotiating Settlements?

While it is always a possibility your ridesharing accident case could go to trial, it is much more likely your rideshare accident attorney will negotiate an out-of-court settlement with the ridesharing company and its insurance executives. Since this can take some time to get done, be prepared to be patient as you wait for the settlement to be worked out. You should also  always listen to your lawyer’s advice as this process is moving forward. 

In some instances, the insurance company for Uber or Lyft may try to contact you and offer you a quick financial settlement. Though you may be tempted to take this, never do so until you have spoken to your trusted personal injury attorney. Most of the time, letting your lawyer put continued pressure on the ridesharing company and its insurer will result in a settlement amount that is worth far more than anything initially offered.  

Trust Your Instincts

Finally, never hire an attorney unless you are perfectly comfortable with them and the answers they give to your most important questions. Since possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars will be at stake for you, always hire the best traffic accident injury attorney you can find.
To do so, pick up the phone today and schedule a consultation with an injury attorney Newport Beach knows can win these cases and get you every dollar you deserve. We offer free consultations, and you don’t have to pay us unless we win your case.