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How to Recover Compensation in an Uber or Lyft Case

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How to Recover Compensation in an Uber or Lyft Case2020-10-09T13:07:23+00:00

There are many advantages to using Lyft and Uber. The app supplied by both companies is simple to use, and it will get you the service you need right away. However, you do take a greater risk by using a rideshare company. The drivers who offer these services are not professionals. They may even have a record of poor driving or be quite inexperienced as drivers. Then there are factors in the industry itself that increase the risk of an accident.

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A License for Recklessness
If you are a habitual Uber user, then you will have noticed the extraordinarily low fares charged by the drivers. Most drivers work to make ends meet, which means they must rush to get as many fares as possible before they have to stop.

Why do they work in limited shifts? They do so not only to rest, but also to go to a second job. The reality is that most rideshare drivers work for Uber or Lyft part-time, so they must get all the money they can from their driving job before they go to another job.

The conditions of the industry give rideshare drivers a license for recklessness. They tend to speed and engage in other risky conduct to get people to their destination as quickly as possible so that they can get another fare.

The Failure of Ridesharing Companies
Uber and Lyft are aware of these dangers. They also know that Uber and Lyft related accidents have skyrocketed over the last few years. Yet, the companies have done very little about keeping drivers and passengers safe. In fact, they do their utmost to distance themselves from driver accidents by claiming that each driver is an independent contractor, and that their insurance should pay the cost of any injuries caused by an accident.

The companies offer up to 1 million dollars to people injured in accidents caused by their drivers. But it is hard for most victims to access this money. That is why you should hire an Uber accident lawyer in Newport Beach or Lyft accident lawyer in Newport Beach if you have been injured in an accident involving a car from either of these companies.

Your First Actions After a Rideshare Accident Are Important
If you are injured in a car accident involving a rideshare driver, you may not have the ability to immediately think through the actions you need to take. You should try to recover from this stupor as quickly as you can because the next steps you take can be crucial to any future litigation you may engage in.

The first thing is to have yourself examined by a medical professional. Do not be lulled into thinking that you are perfectly fine just because you do not feel any pain. You cannot possibly know the state of your health and well-being if you are not seen by a doctor.

If you are conscious and stable enough to get the contact details of the driver, you should. It is also important to photograph the wreckage and the accident scene. When at the hospital, you should have your injuries photographed before they are treated and bandaged.

If you are severely injured, then you may not be able to take any of the above actions. The accident may knock you unconscious. It can be days and weeks before you are well enough to realize what has happened to you. In this instance, the first person you will want to speak to other than your family and friends is an Uber accident lawyer in Newport Beach or Lyft accident lawyer in Newport Beach.

Any phone calls, personal visits, or emails you receive while you are recovering should be rebuffed. You should direct anyone from Uber or Lyft who attempts to contact you to your lawyer. It is important to speak through your legal representative. You don’t want to say or do anything that will compromise your case. These companies spend millions of dollars on law firms who specialize in discrediting potential plaintiffs and getting lawsuits thrown out of court.

Over the years, a new specialization has emerged in the legal field: ridesharing accident attorneys in Newport Beach. These lawyers know how to take on the corporate lawyers hired by Uber and Lyft. They have tracked the growth of the industry and the many laws that have been to deal with this relatively new and unregulated industry. Ridesharing accident attorneys in Newport Beach know how to deal with the lawyers and insurance firms that represent rideshare companies.

The Damages You Can Recover
Your goal should be to get a fair and just settlement. Being in an accident can cause you physical pain and suffering; it can also lead to significant financial losses. Ridesharing accident attorney in Newport Beach help their clients get money for the following:

  • -Medical bills past, present, and future
  • -Loss of income
  • -Loss of earning capacity
  • -Pain and suffering
  • -Property damage

If you suffered permanent injury owing to the accident, your personal injury attorney in Newport Beach will aggressively pursue the claim. Such a disability can completely change the way you live your life. You may be forced to give up your career. You may also need 24-hour care and a strict and intrusive medical regimen. Uber and Lyft accident lawyers in Newport Beach know how to get the right amount of money for such an injury.

Putting the Law on Your Side
Uber and Lyft accident lawyers in Newport Beach can provide you with the insight, advice, and representation you need to get the money you deserve. Tort law is starting to catch up with the once novel accident situations presented by Uber and Lyft drivers. It is no longer acceptable for the companies to shirk all responsibility for accidents. Most courts and juries recognize the liability of Uber and Lyft when they hire drivers who should not be on the road or responsible for the safety of passengers. The personal injury attorney in Newport Beach you hire will work to put the law on your side.

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