Safety Tips for Uber/Lyft Drivers

How To Stay Safe During A Rideshare Experience in L.A.

When we talk about rideshare experiences the first thing that comes to our mind is passenger safety. As per Orange County regulations, this is very important for any such ride-hailing services like Uber or Lyft. However, it is also equally important to focus on the safety of their drivers.

As such these ridesharing services have laid down certain safety precautions for drivers to enforce like:

  • Making sure that the passenger’s seat belt is on
  • Ensuring they sit in the back seat when possible so they can exit safely upon arrival

It is all a part of your job description if you are an independent contractor or employee for Uber or Lyft. Also, you need to be aware of the potentially dangerous situations that may be created by your rider(s).

To that end, below is a list of a few safety tips for Uber or Lyft drivers compiled by our rideshare injury attorneys in Newport Beach. Try to follow them to avoid the possibilities of getting into a car crash and having to retain a ridesharing accident lawyer in Newport Beach.

Verify Your Rider

Riders can find you by checking your profile on the app along with your licence plate number and the make and model of your car. This ensures rider safety. Similarly, an Uber/Lyft driver can ask for the rider’s credentials before allowing them to enter their vehicle. This way both parties can be at ease for a great rideshare experience.

Stay Focused While Driving

It doesn’t need much saying that the safest driver is the most alert driver. Distractions are inevitable in life and when they happen on the road it can result in a life-threatening auto accident. Here are a few tips to stay focused behind the wheel:

  • Always keep your eyes on the road
  • Rest up for some time to avoid fatigued driving
  • Never text while driving, as it is highly unsafe and illegal

Uber and Lyft require drivers to have constant access to their smartphones, from the moment they pick a passenger up to when they clock out for the day. You may consider using a phone mount to position your device. Keep in mind, it shouldn’t obstruct your vision.

Remind Everyone To Buckle Up Before You Head Out

It doesn’t get said enough, but wearing a seatbelt is the most effective way to save yourself and reduce injuries like whiplash or spinal cord damage after motor vehicle accidents. In fact, one of the first things we learn at driving school is to put on our seat belts before we even start the car. As a Lyft/Uber driver, one of your responsibilities even if it is not officially accounted for is to encourage your passenger(s) to put it on before you drive off. If an accident were to happen, a lawyer for rideshare injuries may find you partially liable if the rider gets hurt.

Follow Your Intuition In Case Of Emergencies

Always trust your instincts and experiences that you gained while driving with Uber/Lyft. The steps you take after you’re involved in an accident matter. What you do immediately after can affect your health and outcome in a legal situation.

When you’re in an accident, you can get help by tapping on the emergency button on the Uber app. As for the Lyft drivers, its partnership with ADT allows drivers to request emergency aid through the app. Once you tap on the ‘Get Emergency’ button ADT will soon follow up with your SOS. If you do not answer it forwards a call to 911 to provide your location details.

If the app is unresponsive, call the police directly. Upon arrival, they will document the accident and record important details about the crash. Rideshare accidents can be complicated. Reach out to a personal injury attorney in Newport Beach if you have questions or would like to review the circumstances of your case.

Drive On Your Profile Only

This is a very important guideline for both Uber and Lyft. It is mandatory that you only give rides when you are logged in to their applications through your personal account. Moreover, it is also recommended that your profile picture matches. This is done in order to provide a safe environment for your riders. Also, this would come in handy if there is a troublesome rider that falsely claims that you are not the driver they were assigned. In that case, your profile would be your leverage.

Never Bring Any Friend/Family Along

Uber and Lyft passengers expect an awesome rideshare experience, which can turn into paranoia if there is an unknown person sharing the ride with your passenger. This may lead to bad feedback and also create an awkward environment throughout the trip. After all, ensuring a safe journey is what it means to be an Uber/Lyft driver.

Be Cautious About Drive Locations

There are many crime-prone areas in big cities. These locations tend to get more violent and unsafe after dark. This is why, as an Uber/Lyft driver, you need to be cautious about your whereabouts. Try to avoid accepting pick-ups from unsafe locations as much as you can. Also, try to take a detour if your way is through such locations even if it costs you more time and fuel to end the trip. This is the safest thing you can do for yourself and your passenger. If you get hurt, Uber and Lyft have a strict insurance policy that only protects riders for injuries that took place during a trip. If you were injured while driving for a rideshare app, contact a rideshare app lawyer in Newport Beach.

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Symptoms Don’t Always Appear Right Away

When you are in an accident, you experience a wide range of emotions such as anger, fear, and anxiety. You are confused and don’t know where to turn. The first thing to remember is to call the police. Even in a minor accident, you may experience injuries greater than what you believe. Remember, adrenaline blocks the pain receptors, and when the body senses potential danger, it automatically releases adrenaline to prepare the body’s fight-or-flight response. The best practice is to call 911 and have the police arrive at the scene of the accident. The police will take statements, assess the crash site, and make a report that you can use against the insurance companies later. 

When talking with the police, you will have an opportunity to assess your injuries and pain. Keep in mind that you may not be aware of some injuries because your body is in shock and protects you from feeling pain. If you do feel pain or are concerned that you have injuries, tell the police officer on the scene. The police officer will contact paramedics in your area to determine if you should seek treatment at the hospital. 

Hospitals Offer Better Treatment Options Urgent Cares or Chiropractors

The Emergency Room is experienced at diagnosing and treating acute injuries from an auto accident. They will take a history and document the facts of your accident for your medical records. They may also do other tests such as x-rays or CT scans to make sure you didn’t break anything or have any internal injuries. The hospital is also the best option for those who experience head injuries due to a crash. The hospital will do neurological testing to make sure that you do not have a concussion. If you do have a concussion, they will be able to diagnose and treat your head injury before it gets worse. Injuries that often go unnoticed after a motor vehicle accident are:

  • Headaches – Even if you didn’t get bumped on the head during the accident, it serves as an indicator that you may have a concussion. Any type of head trauma, in this circumstance, should be assessed at the hospital.
  • Whiplash – described as when your head is thrust forward and backward during the impact of an accident. While a headache is a minor indication, the long-term damages surround the area around your neck and shoulders.
  • Numbness – weakness of the arms, legs, hands or other parts of the body can indicate a herniated disk or displacement. A tight feeling in your limbs can be detected and diagnosed through an X-ray scan.
  • Abdominal pain – the most common occurrence after a car accident. Normally it is associated with signs of internal bleeding, dizziness or lightheadedness.
  • Emotional stress – the result of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after experiencing a life-threatening accident.

Going to the hospital will also get your injuries in the hands of an MD. This is very helpful to your personal injury case. Having a diagnosis from an MD gives credibility to your injuries when talking with the insurance companies. It is the insurance company’s goal to provide you with the lowest possible value for your damages. Emergency and hospital records are more challenging to dispute than traditional chiropractic treatment.

Further, chiropractors are not experienced at diagnosing injuries outside the musculoskeletal system. It is better to seek out a hospital to diagnose your total injuries. Hospital records also help the other treating physicians on your case. They will review the emergency records and use the diagnoses to develop the right treatment plan for you. 

Delaying Medical Treatment Could Affect Your Personal Injury Claim

Many people don’t want to contact paramedics because they are uninsured, worried about prospective medical treatment costs or are concerned about taking an ambulance because of the bill. While it is true that you will be billed for taking an ambulance, it is also true that your Uber and Lyft accident lawyers Newport Beach can help you recover those costs as part of your case. Refusing medical treatment when necessary is never a good idea. 

Seeking medical treatment is critical if you plan to file a personal injury claim. The at-fault insurance company is always going to look at the medical records before determining any compensation. If you are unable or unwilling to take an ambulance to the hospital, you may still want to go to the Emergency Room to get checked out. Have a friend drive you when possible or take another rideshare vehicle to the hospital. 

Contacting an experienced Uber/Lyft attorney is key to getting the compensation you deserve. Your Uber/Lyft accident attorney will fight to get you justice and take on the big insurance companies that insure Uber/Lyft.