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Uber and Lyft Accident Insurance Claims

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In a car accident with Uber or Lyft, the insurance claims add to the level of trickiness, and you may want to hire our ridesharing accident attorneys in Newport Beach. As a leader in the field moves forward, the app purports safety, but you do have a few things to understand with it. When you enter the vehicle of any car, you have risks. Let’s have a look at some of the things that you need to understand with such cases.

Dealing with an Uber or Lyft Insurance Claim? Speak to Our Lyft Accident Lawyers Newport Beach Today

When you speak with Uber and Lyft accident lawyers in Newport Beach, they can usually detail the value of the case. That’s because they have worked on similar cases, and they will use that as a measurement. The value of the case will always depend on the nitty-gritty details of the case.

An Uber accident lawyer in Newport Beach can explain the circumstances of the case to you, and they will do it in layman’s terms so that you will have a better understanding of it. You will learn about the options that you have available to you. Your attorney will advise you on the best course of action.

Choose a Ridesharing Lawyer
Important to note, you don’t want a general practitioner with cases like this. The difficult of ridesharing cases comes from how the laws differ from other car accidents, and you need a legal professional who is well-versed in this end of law to defend your rights. Having a Lyft accident lawyer in Newport Beach can save you from having your rights stepped on. You especially need this when you want to file a lawsuit or some legal aspect relating to this field of law. It can mean the difference between getting compensation and failing to get the compensation that you deserve.

Corporations Like Uber and Lyft Don’t Play Fair
You should never expect anything but the worst from Uber and Lyft. They exist to make money, and they won’t give the biggest payment unless you fight for it. You must fight to get a good payment. You need to speak with a personal injury attorney in Newport Beach to understand your rights. Never take the first offer from Uber or Lyft because they will most likely be trying to minimize their payments. Is it morally corrupt? Yes, but it’s not illegal either. You need to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible to understand your rights and how to best proceed.

Never accept a settlement without your lawyer present because the can help you to understand the fullest extent of the damages.

What Role Did You Play in the Accident
This becomes a big determining factor for how much you will have to pay in the accident. Your Uber accident lawyer in Newport Beach can help you to understand the logistics of your case so that you can proceed under the best of circumstances. Who you were in the accident will have an impact on your claims process.

If, for example, you were the driver, they could argue that you caused the accident. You could see a lot of complications arise that requires the careful guidance of ridesharing accident attorneys in Newport Beach.

Those who were in the other vehicle during the crash with an Uber driver will have a vastly different case. They may try to argue that you were partially at fault to lower your claim. Let’s take the case where you were the passenger. In most cases, your Lyft accident lawyer in Newport Beach will look on this the most favorably because of how you can’t be held responsible for the accident. You would have had to have done something that ultimately led to the car crash.

Get Legal Representation
No matter who you were in the accident, you need to get legal representation as soon as possible. Don’t be the swimmer in the water surrounded by sharks. You want to have a cage as you get surrounded by sharks because you can defend yourself a little more easily. Having legal representation makes all the difference.

Without a lawyer, you severely harm your chances of getting a fair settlement. Don’t expect the corporations to play fair. You have been warned.

What Does the Coverage Look Like?
Uber and Lyft both carry coverage to cover its drivers and passengers for up to $1 million. This works for both insured and uninsured drivers, and it works for liability too. When you compare it to regular motorists, they usually only carry $15,000 of injury liability.

This type of coverage means that those who were injured in an accident and they weren’t at fault could gain even more compensation. Still, you need a personal injury attorney in Newport Beach to help you navigate these tricky waters. You need someone who can help you to get the most positive outcome.

What Happens After an Accident?
After an accident takes place, many victims don’t know the steps to follow for fair compensation. Uber and Lyft accident lawyers in Newport Beach understand what works because they have worked in this field, and they can help you to understand what you need to be aware of. Never assume that Uber and Lyft will automatically cover you because these corporations will always prioritize their bottom line over the lives of individuals. It’s an unfortunate reality. You need someone with the right knowledge and preparation.

You have cases where recovering damages after an accident can be tough. In some cases, Uber will make waves to throw off your claim and make it even harder. They don’t play fair. When you have a lawyer on hand, you increase your bargaining power, and you ensure that they can’t run legal circles around you. Especially if your accident led to injuries, you should speak with a lawyer because they can help you to recover cash from the injury. Usually, lawyers for these cases won’t charge an upfront fee.

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