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nullIn the state of California, ridesharing drivers can benefit from certain perks from their jobs. Getting to choose your own schedule and determine your potential earnings are two of them. Ridesharing companies such as Lyft and Uber promise drivers the potential of making up to $1,800 in their first month. As a result, it’s tempting to take a job in this industry. In the country as a whole, this has worked as 160,000 drivers now work for ridesharing companies.

Unfortunately, there have been many instances of ridesharing services running into legal trouble. If you are a California Uber or Lyft driver and have gotten into an accident, it’s important to speak with us. Our top accident injury attorneys can give you essential advice and inform you of your rights as a ridesharing driver. They will also ensure that your rights are fully protected.

Protection from Ridesharing Companies

Accidents happen on the roads all the time. Some involve an Uber or Lyft driver who is not at fault for the collision. In some instances, a ridesharing driver may even be attacked while on the job. Whatever the specific situation, there are policies in place set by the ridesharing companies to protect their drivers. Some of the guidelines to keep workers safe include the following:

  • In-app assistance: Uber and Lyft have a special feature built directly in their apps that allow drivers to send their trip information to local authorities in the event they run into an emergency.
  • Friends and family follow: The companies allow your friends and family members to follow your route.
  • Rating system: Ridesharing companies have instituted a feature that allows riders to rate drivers. However, drivers are also able to rate their riders. If a rider is messy, dangerous or nasty, they can be banned from using the service altogether.
  • GPS tracking: Ridesharing companies always use GPS tracking in order to keep on top of their drivers. There is a record of all trips at all times in the event of an emergency.
  • Insurance: The ridesharing companies have insurance policies in place that are meant to protect against hit and run accidents and uninsured motorists.
  • Cash value for car: For just a $1,000 deductible, Uber and Lyft drivers can insure their vehicles at the cash value.
  • Family protection: The ridesharing companies give their drivers the option of Partner Injury Protection, which covers their family members.

Uber and Lyft Safety Policies

The ridesharing companies have a feature in their apps meant to protect their drivers. Directly in the apps, there is an emergency button that can immediately connect the driver to the closest 911 dispatcher. Uber has a strict rule about drivers carrying guns while they are working. Although there isn’t a no gun policy, there are varying laws on this subject. At the same time, if an Uber driver is found to be carrying a firearm while working, they will be fired.

Of course, riders are also prohibited from carrying guns while riding in an Uber vehicle. This stands even in states where carrying a firearm is legal.

Lyft has a similar policy in place to protect its drivers and remains in contact with them while they are on duty to support them whenever they need it.

Ridesharing drivers are also allowed and encouraged to keep cameras in their cars and record each trip for their personal protection.

Ridesharing Companies and Employees in California

For years, drivers working for ridesharing companies were considered independent contractors. However, in California, they are now considered Uber and Lyft employees since the adoption of the AB5 Bill. As a result, when a driver from these companies gets into an accident or runs into some type of emergency, the company is required to provide protection to them. They are also required to provide benefits like health insurance.

If you are a ridesharing driver who has been unfairly treated and denied such benefits and protection, you can consult with an Uber and Lyft accident attorney that will carefully comb through your case so that you can have the strongest accident injury claim possible.

Class Action Lawsuit Against Uber

As a driver for Uber, if you have suffered from certain problems while working with the company, you can partake in legal action. There are a few ongoing lawsuits involving the ridesharing company, including a national class action suit. This claim came about due to Uber drivers looking for compensation based on misconduct on the part of Uber. Many drivers have claimed the company has not properly distributed tips to them or provided them benefits as actual employees. Because of the AB5 Bill, drivers are now officially recognized in California as being regular employees instead of independent contractors.

Available Damages for Accidents

If an accident occurs due to someone else’s negligence, you have a legal right to file a claim. This is especially true if you have suffered injuries. Damages are monetary awards given to a plaintiff by the court. The following damages are available:

  • Economic: These are damages that have an actual dollar amount, such as medical bills and lost wages
  • Non-economic: These are the types of damages that involve compensation for things that do not have a monetary cost, such as pain and suffering, emotional distress and loss of enjoyment of life.
  • Punitive: Punitive damages are awarded to an injured plaintiff when it’s found that the at-fault party’s behavior was so outrageous and harmful that they deserve to be punished.