Uber was brought about as a safety tool to allow people to get home safely after a night of drinking. However, sexual assault claims from riders have been plaguing the company since its early years. Since May 2021, over one hundred sexual assault claims have been filed. These claims add to thousands that are already in the system from years past.

Stories range from targeted attacks to drivers who began stalking their passengers after dropping them off. Those who fall victim to predators who use the Uber app to find new people to hurt can file lawsuits against their perpetrators.

Many sexual assault survivors feel that criminal charges rarely result in justice, as first-time, and even repeat, offenders often walk away with zero jail time. They have resorted to hiring personal injury attorneys in Newport Beach and other areas to file civil suits against their perpetrators for their pain and suffering. While it won’t result in jail time, financial restitution is one way to hold abusers accountable.

Uber passengers who were attacked by their drivers have gotten compensation in the past. However, these attacks would not have happened if the abusers had not been enabled through their work for Uber, so many say they want to hold the company liable for these assaults. They plan to continue to file civil claims alongside sexual assault lawyers.

Hiring an attorney to sue Uber for a sexual assault that happened during a ride is an uphill battle, but this discussion is gaining more noise in recent years.

​​“Sexual assault is a devastating crime and although no industry is immune from these issues, we remain steadfast in our commitment to support victims and help stop sexual violence by collaborating with experts, pioneering safety tech solutions, and setting the standard on transparency and accountability,” Uber said in a statement.

Pursuing civil actions after a sexual assault is tricky, and you need the best sexual abuse lawyer possible. Filing a civil case for sexual assault goes the way many personal injury cases go; your lawyer has to add up your damages, ranging from hospital bills to emotional distress.

Adding in the complexity of a rideshare giant, these cases require grit and lengthy preparation. Contact Accident Lawyers Firm to hold your abuser accountable.