Accidents Between Uninsured Motorists in Los Angeles

Should You Call the Police if You Get into an Accident Uninsured Motorists?

Many people try to avoid paying for car insurance. When this happens, it can cause harm to other drivers. In California having minimum car insurance coverage is the law. Studies have shown that individuals who drive without insurance have a greater chance of taking unnecessary risks when driving. Not only that, but they’re also unable to provide compensation for injuries and losses after a collision.

What Happens After an Accident with An Uninsured Driver?

When an accident occurs, 911 should be called immediately to the accident scene. Insurance companies will want to see a police report before they provide a payout for any claim. The report will cover the details of the incident as well as document damage and provide an opinion of who was responsible. A police officer at an accident scene can make certain an uninsured driver faces the consequences for their actions. Should someone want to sue an uninsured driver in a civil trial, the police officer could be called as a witness.

Exchange Information

Once emergency services have been contacted, and if it’s possible, an effort should be made to get information from the other driver or drivers who were involved in the accident. This is when you will learn if a driver has car insurance. Even if someone doesn’t have car insurance, it is important to collect their information such as name, mailing address, and phone number. Writing down a description of their vehicle and their license plate number is also important. When you try to get compensation from your insurance company, this information will help prove the driver did not have insurance. It also provides a way to contact the other driver or drivers if you want to pursue a personal injury claim.

See A Physician

It is common for a person to be in an accident and not believe they have been injured. It is in your best interest to still be checked by a physician. There are many different injuries, such as concussions and whiplash, that won’t appear for hours or days after an accident. Should you be injured, learning about it soon after the accident can benefit you in many ways.

Contact Insurance Company

Once you have gotten medical treatment and obtained information from the others involved in the accident, it is time to contact your insurance company. It is common for a driver to have an insurance policy that covers underinsured and uninsured accidents. When a driver has a policy that covers uninsured motorists, it will often cover the person’s car repairs as well as medical expenses partially or fully. It is important that everyone realizes an insurance company will try to pay the least amount possible on each claim submitted.

Legal Help

Once you have contacted your insurance company, it may be time to speak with a knowledgeable uninsured motorist lawyer. Based on your injuries and property damage and the settlement offer from your insurance company, getting legal representation may be the only way to get fair compensation. An experienced lawyer will know how to work with an insurance company to get you the compensation you deserve. They will know if it is in your best interest to bring a lawsuit against an uninsured driver. All of this involves correctly managing deadlines as well as handling important paperwork. Knowing California laws is also essential. A lawyer will know how to stay on top of things, so important details do not get ignored.

Laws are in place to protect innocent people from others who break the law. You must know what to do if you’re in an accident with someone without insurance. An accident injury attorney can let you know the options you have when it comes to getting compensation. This could involve fighting with your own insurance company when an uninsured motorist causes you an accident. Suing the other driver is also an option. In some cases, both are real possibilities for receiving fair compensation.

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