Passenger: Know Your Insurance Options

Insurance Available for Passengers in a Car Accident

A claim in a car accident as a passenger is one that goes against your driver’s insurance policy. Immediately after the car accident, get a copy of the accident report and collect statements from witnesses. It helps when filing with an attorney for a claim for sustained injuries.

Filing A Claim as A Passenger

Through a lawyer for the litigation, start by filing a claim against your driver’s insurance policy. Use a personal injury protection plan. It’s vital to note that some states are no-fault insurance states, and it’s necessary to keep an eye on it although California is not a no-fault state.

Insurance Policy Coverage

When another driver is the cause of an accident, the claim is usually to the insurance agency from your driver. However, there’s a minimum amount the insurance should cover for their vehicle. It covers property damage liability and bodily injury liability.

Unfortunately, when making a claim, it’s vital to use an attorney to push for settlement if the injuries sustained do not reach the threshold needed for the cover to be applicable. Still, suppose it’s not clear who is responsible for the accident. In that case, an experienced firm will ensure that the long processes are handled correctly, especially in the case of multiple vehicle accidents. Please check how insurance can affect you if you are a passenger in a car accident in detail.

Personal Insurance Claim

As a passenger with health insurance, filing a claim against your own insurance company is necessary to help cover medical bills with personal injury protection. It’s advisable to use it only if the driver’s insurance cover is not enough for the bills. Note that it may affect the rates applicable in the future. However, after the settlement is complete with the insurance companies, you will need to compensate your health insurance company for the monies used to cover the treatment.

How To Go About a Car Accident with An Uninsured Driver

Getting involved in a car accident with an uninsured driver has its unique set of challenges. However, with 12% of drivers countrywide driving without insurance at one point and over 16% in California alone, it’s not uncommon. However, all cars must have a motorist uninsured policy on their vehicles. It will help cover compensation for injuries partially, especially if you are a passenger in a car accident without insurance. Check into the health insurance provider to get information about deductibles, applicable copays, and providers in the insurance network.


When involved in an accident with an uninsured driver, it’s necessary to file a lawsuit to recover compensation used for medical expenses, therapy sessions, and time off work. Be realistic with the amount requested, as although they are directly responsible for your current circumstances, they may not have the money to sufficiently cover the claim. Hire a reputable lawyer to help determine the course of action if it’s an unclear accident. In the lawsuit, consider:

  1. Vehicle manufacture

In some cases, even if the other driver is uninsured, a contributing factor to the accident may be a faulty mechanical system from the vehicle manufacturer. With all aspects investigated and a report showing that the vehicle was unsafe or unroadworthy, it’s possible to file a claim as they failed in their primary duty as manufacturers.

  1. Repair shops

Numerous unscrupulous mechanics do shoddy jobs hoping for a customer to come in multiple times to get paid severally for the same task. If inspection shows that the mechanic failed to repair appropriately or did not complete a repair job leading to the accident, file a claim against the repair shop.

  1. Vehicle owner

File claim against the vehicle owner for negligence for allowing an uninsured driver to drive the vehicle. The compensation can be enough to cover for immediate injuries’ sustained expenses.

Still, when involved in a car accident with uninsured driver, do not accept liability at any level. Do not leave the scene unless you need immediate medical care, as you will be fined. After contacting an accident injury attorney, do a medical evaluation as injuries may be masked by the adrenaline and go untreated only to become a significant issue in a few days. Contact your insurance provider with details about the accident and information on the uninsured driver. However, all sensitive information should be through your attorney, as even your insurance company will want to protect itself.

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