If your vehicle is struck by a drunk driver and police come to the scene, the last thing you expect to see is cops letting the drunk driver stumble away without being arrested. However, a recent video appears to show just that. After a three-car crash, officers allowed a drunk driver to walk away without being given field sobriety tests. If you are the victim of a drunk driver, immediately contact an personal injury attorney Newport Beach residents know will not stand by and allow this to happen.

Evidence to Support Your Case
When you are involved in such an accident, gather evidence to support your case prior to meeting with a car crash lawyer Newport Beach accident victims trust to protect their legal rights. If possible, use your cellphone to record video of the accident scene, since this can show not only the actions of the other driver, but also how police react when at the scene. Should you have questions as to how police handled the scene, discuss your concerns with a Newport Beach car accident lawyer.

Negligence and Carelessness
Although police do have the authority to decide if and when field sobriety tests need to be administered to a possible drunk driver, they also have a duty to handle an accident scene in a manner that is not negligent or careless. In the case of this video, it appears police may have done both. If you believe police failed to perform their duty in a proper manner, rely on auto accident lawyers Newport Beach drivers trust to get to the bottom of things in these situations.

Making a Case More Difficult
When police take extraordinary actions and do the unthinkable such as let a drunk driver walk away from an accident scene, it can make a case much more difficult to win. If you do not have video of the scene or contact information from the other driver, you may have little to go on when trying to pursue your case. Therefore, always try to obtain contact information of the other driver and police officers working the accident scene, and also obtain a copy of the police report when it becomes available. Once you do so, turn it over to a car wreck lawyer Newport Beach clients know will use all available resources to win their case.

Don’t Give Up
Though you may be flabbergasted and get little if any cooperation from police following the accident, don’t give up. By speaking to an injury attorney Newport Beach residents trust, you can begin to explore your legal options. In many cases, a car crash lawyer Newport Beach police know well can get information that may otherwise be difficult to obtain.

When seeking auto accident lawyers Newport Beach residents rely on to get answers, turn to a car wreck lawyer Newport Beach knows can point to a track record of success in winning these cases. To get started, schedule a consultation soon with a trusted Newport Beach car accident lawyer.