Indeed, Uber accidents can and do occur. For individuals who enjoy using Uber, it is critical to recognize what to do if you are involved in an accident and how to get compensation for your injuries.

If you have acquired injuries in an Uber accident, make sure to look for clinical treatment. That won’t just ensure your wellbeing; however, it will likewise make a quick clinical record that could be essential if you need to report an injury claim to our personal injury attorney Newport Beach. You should report the accident with Uber through the application. Nevertheless, do not provide any recorded statements about the accident until a personal Injury Lawyer accompanies you. In case you or someone you know is hurt in an Uber or Lyft accident, get in touch with our Uber and Lyft accident lawyers Newport Beach for assistance.

Are you enjoying your ride as you do deliveries and drive clients? For under four pennies a mile, the Optional Injury Protection program helps to reduce the expenses you get whenever you are involved in an accident. The Driver Injury Protection Insurance is accessible to Uber drivers as an optional protection plan.

Remember that what happens after an accident is not only crucial to your case but also your recovery. Call our skilled ridesharing accident attorneys Newport Beach for expert advice.

The advantages provided by Uber Injury Protection cover a wide range of benefits.

  • Hospital expenses can go up to a limit of $1,000,000.
  • Disability Payments are offered to a limit of $500 every week. It may continue for up to two years.
  • Death. The program provides remuneration of up to $50,000 for accidental death.
  • Survivor benefits. Survivors, for instance, family members are offered a compensation of up to$150,000 for family members

Our Uber accident lawyers Newport Beach are happy to answer any questions you have.

Coverage begins when you have selected and met the qualification requirements. Even though you are charged while on duty transporting a passenger or doing a delivery, you are covered for the injuries and damages you may acquire by the agreement while:

  • You are on-trip or on delivery.
  • You are available online for a trip or a delivery.
  • You do not qualify for protection when you are performing tasks for another organization, nor when driving your vehicle for fun.

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In an attempt to reduce accident cases involving Uber vehicles. Uber has developed various integrated application features such as the emergency response button and the route tracking. Furthermore, Uber carries out criminal and vehicle checks yearly to ensure all vehicles meet the legal requirements. Contact our injury attorney Newport Beach for more information.

Our certified Uber and Lyft accident lawyer Newport Beach have broad experience with cases involving uber vehicles. The Uber accident lawyers Newport Beach and the Lyft accident lawyers Newport Beach are centred on helping you settle your legal issues as fast as possible while getting remarkable results.