If you find yourself involved in a serious car accident, slip and fall accident, dog bite, or perhaps a medical malpractice case, chances are you will seek out the services of a personal injury lawyer. However, due to the sheer number of these attorneys who currently practice throughout the nation, picking the right one can be difficult. If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer in Newport Beach, here are some questions to ask before hiring them to assist you in your lawsuit.

Do You Have Experience in My Type of Case?
First and foremost, always make sure the personal injury attorney in Newport Beach has experience handling your specific case. For example, since medical malpractice cases are often extremely complex, they generally require an attorney who specializes solely in these cases. Since the success of your case will be largely dependent upon your lawyer’s expertise, never be hesitant in asking this question.

Is My Case Winnable?
While no reputable personal injury attorneys will say without a doubt you will win your case, they can usually give you a fairly accurate prediction of how they believe your case will play out. Since most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, meaning they will not collect any money unless you win your case, the answer they give you is probably quite accurate.

Who Will Handle My Case?
Unbeknownst to many personal injury victims, some personal injury lawyers actually do very little work on most of their cases. In many instances, junior attorneys at a firm or even paralegals are assigned many of the duties. Therefore, always ask the personal injury lawyer in Newport Beach if they will be handling most of the details of your case. If they will not, you will need to decide if this is okay, or if you would prefer to find another attorney.

What Fees Will be Associated with My Case?
With most personal injury lawsuits, additional fees will be incurred. These include filing and administrative fees, expert witness fees, and investigative expenses. To make sure you are clear as to the fees and how they are to be paid, always ask about them and what type of fee agreement you will be expected to sign.

By asking these questions of a personal injury attorney in Newport Beach, you will have peace of mind, knowing you have an attorney who is fighting for your rights.