A boating accident can be just like a car accident. People may be hurt, the boats may be damaged, and everyone is likely shaken up afterwards. Things can be even more scary on the water when the danger is bigger and help is farther away. Some of the most experienced boating accident lawyers Newport Beach has to offer explain what you should do after a boating accident.

You should do the same thing after a boating accident that you would after an auto accident. If you’re in cellphone range, dial 911. If you’re out of cellphone range, send a mayday on Channel 16. Since you won’t be able to give a street address, you should always carry a GPS device that allows you to give your coordinates so rescuers can find you.

Once everyone is safe, you should talk to Newport Beach boating accident attorneys as soon as possible. You may be facing medical bills, repair bills, and rescue fees while possibly also being away from work while you recover. If you get a settlement offer from an insurance company, it may be tempting to settle, but settling quickly could mean you’re giving up important rights that you will need later on.

You may be wondering, “How do I choose boat accident lawyers near me?” The answer is to find someone who has experience handling boating accidents. Boating accident cases can be much harder to prove than car accident cases since there aren’t clearly defined roads, and you can’t measure things like brake skid marks on the water. You need someone who understands the rules of the water, how to look at damage on a boat, and how to find credible witnesses even when you may have been hundreds of yards away from other boats.

To get full recovery for your boating accident, talk to a personal injury lawyer in Newport Beach as soon as possible. You may have a limited time to file your case, and evidence fades away over time. By talking to a lawyer sooner, you’ll have a better chance of success in court.