While your dog is sweet and easygoing most of the time, situations may arise where it may feel scared and bites someone. When this occurs, a difficult situation can get worse very quickly if you don’t know what to do or expect. If the situation spirals out of control, you will find yourself dealing with police, insurance companies, animal control authorities, and lawyers for the bite victim. To make sure you handle this situation with common sense and good judgment, always turn to a Newport Beach dog bite attorney for guidance.

Do Not Panic
If your dog bites someone, stay as calm as possible and try to diffuse the situation. Not only will this help to calm down the bite victim, but your dog as well. Since your dog may be feeling threatened, make sure it does not continue attacking the victim or even turn on you in attempting to protect itself from perceived harm.

Help the Victim
Once you have your dog calmed down and under control, always try to help the victim get immediate medical treatment for any serious injuries they have sustained. While doing so, use your smartphone to take photos of the victim’s injuries. Upon doing so, be ready to have your dog bite lawyer in Newport Beach examine them, since they can be critical pieces of evidence if a lawsuit is brought against you by the victim.

Contact Your Insurance Provider
If you contact your insurance provider immediately following the accident, you may be able to head off a potential lawsuit by the victim. In some cases, your homeowners insurance policy will cover the cost of medical bills for these victims. By knowing this is an option and discussing it with the victim as quickly as possible, your insurance company may help rectify the situation.

Gather Your Dog’s Medical Records
When a dog bites someone, one of the first questions asked by victims and police is whether or not the dog is up-to-date on its rabies and other vaccines. Therefore, always make sure your dog has all recommended vaccines, and be able to immediately produce these records if needed. If you hire a personal injury lawyer in Newport Beach to represent you, make sure they have access to these records as well.

Contact an Attorney
While many people think these accidents will be resolved quickly, that is often not the case. If the bite wounds were severe, police and others will be asking you many questions and possibly making various threats against you and your dog. Therefore, always protect your legal rights by contacting experienced and knowledgeable dog bite injury lawyers who handle these cases on a regular basis.

Since dog bite laws are very strict in most states, it is vital you understand what legal options you have should your dog bite someone. Otherwise, you may make mistakes along the way that could prove costly in more ways than one. Therefore, when facing such situations, always consult immediately with a Newport Beach dog bite attorney.