Slip and fall accident injuries can be particularly problematic when they occur in a parking lot where multiple businesses operate. Cases where an injury occurs in a parking lot with one business can be simpler, but even then many times the property owner can be at fault when they are responsible for maintaining the lot. Businesses tend to share more responsibility for walkways close to the building or any structure they may be using. The responsibility for maintaining a clear and safe walkway applies in inclement weather as well as stable weather conditions, and many times this requirement is not always met to the negligence standard of reasonable duty of care. How the injury happens matters significantly, and there can be serious physical consequences to slip and fall injuries when the spine, hip, or head area is affected. This is why it is always important to contact an experienced Newport Beach slip and fall attorney to handle your case when a maximum settlement is essential.

Potential Multiple Party Responsibility
While some cases are obvious when responsibility is being evaluated, there are also instances where both the business operators and the ownership can be held liable. parking lot maintenance services could also be involved as well when all material factors are discovered. Serious injuries that have the potential for extended damages may require both parties provide damages in order to reach the proper amount to make the victim financially whole following the fact. However, slip and fall lawyers Newport Beach know this can complicate cases because multiple insurance company adjusters will be involved and looking for any technicality available to lessen their share of fault.

What a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Do
Your personal injury lawyer in Newport Beach can conduct a full investigation into all details associated with the incident and request specific information regarding ownership and responsibility for maintaining walking surfaces in the parking lot. All potentially liable parties can be identified and your attorney can craft as case minimizing personal fault while focusing on the maintenance negligence while assessing an equitable settlement amount.

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