Why Should I Hire a Bus Accident Attorney?

What to do if Someone Was Injured in a Bus Accident

Bus accidents can be extremely devastating and life-changing for many victims. We understand that dealing with the repercussions on your own is stressful enough, which is why we strongly advise you to get legal help immediately to alleviate your hardships. Our team will work from start to finish to make sure that you are compensated fully and fairly and get the justice that you rightfully deserve for your losses. If you have been injured commuting to your destination, it is imperative that you seek help from our team of knowledgeable passenger vehicle accident lawyers in Newport Beach.

Any public transportation accident can result in a complicated case, so you should never try to handle it on your own. There are several factors that need to be considered, such as evidence that needs to be acquired, witnesses that need to be interviewed, negotiations with insurance adjusters, and so much more. Our team will make sure to explain your legal rights and get you the help that you need during this difficult time.

First Steps After a Bus Accident

After a bus accident occurs, safety and medical treatment should always take priority. It is our job to make sure that the person(s) who caused the accident are found responsible for your injuries. Therefore, if you have been injured as the result of someone else’s negligence, you should contact our team of lawyers that specialize in bus crash cases as soon as possible. We provide free consultations for potential clients and we will walk you through all of the details of your case. If you have been involved in an accident commuting to work, going downtown, or any specific destination, you should never wait too long to get legal help. The sooner you get help, the more likely that the evidence pertaining to your case can be preserved.

How Much is My Case Worth?

Trying to figure out your case’s worth can be tricky, as every case differs tremendously and is unique in their own way. The following factors will determine your case’s worth:

  • Medical bills
  • Property damage (vehicle, belongings, etc).
  • Lost income
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering

Deadline for Filing a Bus Accident

When it comes to bus service cases, there is a statute of limitations. The statute of limitations for a lawsuit to be filed against a government entity is six months. In most cases, the statute of limitations is two years; however, since buses are normally considered a government entity, it is reduced to six months.

Our team of attorneys strongly encourages victims to contact us immediately for legal help so the deadline is not missed.

Contact Our Bus Accident Lawyers in Newport Beach

If you or a loved one is a victim of a bus accident, do not hesitate to reach out to us to speak to a personal injury attorney in Newport Beach. We will get you the legal help you need so you will never have to pay out-of-pocket for your losses in the accident.

We offer free consultations and work on a contingency-fee basis, which means you will not have to pay a thing unless we win your case. If you have been injured, we can help every step of the way.