You may have noticed that traffic in Huntington Beach was heavy on the evening of Saturday, Sept. 11. This is because a crash occurred between a motorcycle and a car, resulting in one fatality.

Motorists driving down the Pacific Coast Highway noticed a motorcycle driving erratically and popping wheelies. They were then witness to a horrific accident where the motorcycle colliding with a vehicle.

The two victims in the accident were identified as a woman, Meghan Wautlet, and an unnamed man. Wautlet passed away at the scene, while the man was rushed to the hospital where he remains in critical condition.

Drugs or alcohol did not play a role in the accident, but her driving seemed like it did. Our lawyer who provides legal help for motorcycle accidents will recommend that motorcycle riders drive safely, under the speed limit, and avoid changing lanes suddenly, especially if they are on the road after dark.

A motorcycle rider is going to be much more injured than the driver of any car they hit, so it’s important that riders try to conduct themselves as cautiously as possible.

Wautlet was driving negligently along the crowded Pacific Coast Highway, a Huntington Beach Police spokeswoman Jen Carey said after they interviewed multiple witnesses. The motorcycle slammed into a vehicle that was making a U-turn.

No arrests or citations were made immediately following the collision, but it can’t be ruled out since the investigation has not concluded yet.

It’s important that you contact a personal injury attorney in Newport Beach as soon as possible after your accident so that you can have legal representation in the battle for compensation that is to follow. You, like the man in this collision, will have a mountain of medical bills to deal with, so make sure you have someone fighting on your side. Accident Lawyers Firm is here to help you heal.