Riding along as a passenger might be easier than being in the driver’s seat. However, in an unfortunate turn of events, accidents could occur, putting you in a complex situation. You have the same rights to recover compensation as the driver, although you can do very little during the actual incident. It is typically easier for passengers to recover damages with legal help from a car crash lawyer in Newport Beach.

Passengers Are Just as Vulnerable
Passengers are sometimes more vulnerable and more susceptible to severe and life-threatening injuries that might even be fatal. Your safety and the safety of all drivers is a top priority in Los Angeles and Orange County areas.

Los Angeles is one of the most heavily populated locations in the U.S. Unfortunately, traffic collisions are so frequent that we have provided some legal insight about your rights after a car accident below.

You Can Speak to an Attorney and Pursue Compensation
You have the right to ask for compensation, irrespective of whose fault it was. In case of self-caused accidents, you are still liable to claim partial compensation for personal injuries unless you share most of the blame.

Before you bring a lawsuit against the negligent driver, your accident injury lawyer can negotiate compensation with the accused’s insurance company. It is helpful for a few reasons:

  1. It prevents you from accidentally admitting fault
  2. It guarantees you quick and fair results
  3. It makes it easier to file a claim against friends or relatives involved

You might feel hesitant to enact at first. Accident lawyers in Newport Beach can greatly assist with such matters.

Maximum Coverage for Injuries and Property Damage
Injured passengers have the right to claim maximum coverage for their injuries and losses. However, most insurance companies try to lessen the amount of the compensation and in some cases, outright deny your claim. Although it seems like insurance is meant to make your pursuit for compensation easier, they often lowball and disregard your best interests.

The insurance company will run a private investigation to prove the defendant is not at fault. Your attorney will do the same to prove why the defendant is responsible and demonstrate how their inability to exercise a duty of care on the road caused you harm.

Compensation Exceptions: Double Amount Offers
Be wary of insurance companies offering twice the amount when more than one passenger is involved in a car accident. Suppose you sustained more bodily harm than the other passenger. It might not be a great deal for you individually since the stipulated compensation amount gets lower. A double amount offer primarily saves the insurance company’s reputation.

Entrust a skilled injury attorney to manage the legal aspects of your case while you focus on recovery.